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6.7 cu. ft. capacity double oven electric range with Dual-Choice™ element


You'll have all the power and flexibility you need with this 6.7 cu. ft. capacity double oven electric range. You can use whatever pan or stockpot you need to get the job done thanks to Dual-Choice™ elements. And you can cook meals on your schedule with Power Preheat, which allows either oven to preheat up to 40% faster1.* This double oven range also comes with heavy-duty door hinges and is backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty2**. Best of all, this double oven range is designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A., which means you're putting Americans to work all across the country.

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Accessories You'll Want

Part # W10355010
Use the powerful cleaning action of affresh™ Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner to cut through the residue and leaves a streak-free shine. It leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. Cleans everyday kitchen spills.
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Top Features

EvenAir™ True Convection System (Lower Oven)

Uses a high-wattage element and fan to roast up to 30% faster than a thermal oven and keep oven temperatures consistent to provide uniform browning and even baking.

Hidden Bake Element

In select range and built-in oven models, the baking element is located below the oven floor, creating a smooth surface so you don’t have to maneuver around coils to clean spills.

One 10-inch Speed Heat™ Element

With 3,200-watt Speed Heat™ element, the most powerful available3, providing intense heat to handle large cooking jobs such as searing steak or quickly boiling water.

Additional Features

10-Year Limited Parts Warranty2 on Elements and Glass Cooktop

A 10-year limited parts warranty2 on the ceramic glass cooktop and cooktop and oven elements ensure long-lasting performance. Plan on cooking everything from everyday meals to large family feasts for years to come.

Floating Glass-Front Oven Doors

DuraClean™ Smooth-Gloss Backguard

Stainless Steel-Wrapped Backguard (Stainless Models)

2.5 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Upper Oven, 4.2 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Lower Oven

Self-Cleaning Upper and Lower Ovens with Adjustable Levels

Power Preheat in Both Ovens

Preheats the upper or lower oven faster than conventional Maytag ovens to help prepare meals quicker.

Precision Cooking™ System

This cooking system preheats the oven to exactly the right temperature and maintains consistently even temperatures for better baking and broiling results. Select models also use power vents to evenly distribute oven air for uniform browning.

High/Low Variable Broil in Both Ovens

Adjustable Keep Warm™ Feature

Delay Bake/Clean Setting

3,200-watt Speed Heat™ Element

Bridge Element

Cook with electric

Connects to your electrical service line.

Configuration and Overview

Size (in.)
Capacity (cu. ft.) 
2.5 Upper/4.2 Lower
Fuel Type
Range Type 
Freestanding Double Oven

Cooktop Features

Left Rear Element-Burner Size
Number of Cooking Element-Burners
Center Rear Element-Burner Size
Cooktop Surface Color
Right Rear Element-Burner Type
Right Front Element-Burner Type
Cooktop Element Style
Right Rear Element-Burner Power
700 watt
Right Front Element-Burner Power
3200 watt
Left Rear Element-Burner Power
1200 watt
Cooktop Surface Material
Ceramic Glass
Center Rear Element-Burner Power
100 watt
Center Rear Element-Burner Type
Left Front Element-Burner Power
1800 watt
Right Rear Element-Burner Size
Left Front Element-Burner Type
Left Rear Element-Burner Type
Right Front Element-Burner Size
Left Front Element-Burner Size

Oven Features

Hot Surface Indicator Light
Heating Element On Indicator Light
Convection Broil
Number of Oven Lights
1 Upper/ 1 Lower
Oven Cooking System
Convection Bake
Automatic Convection Conversion Temperature Adjust
Number of Oven Lights
Light Type
Convection Functions
Bake, Broil, Roast
Number of Rack Guides
2 Upper/ 5 Lower
Self Clean
Power On Indicator Light
Oven Rack Type
Hidden Bake
Broiler Location
Top Center (Both)
Number of Oven Racks
Convection Element Type

Style and Extras

ADA Compliant
ADA Height and Operation Compliant
Clock, Control Lockout, Delay Cook, Hidden Bake Element, Keep Warm Setting, Rapid Preheat, Sabbath Mode, Timer, Warm Hold
Sabbath Mode
Drawer Type


47 1/8
29 15/16
28 1/2

Product Dimensions

  • 28 1/2
  • 47 1/8
  • 29 15/16

Dimensions are for planning purposes only.
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6.7 cu. ft. capacity double oven electric range with Dual-Choice™ element 4.5 5 128 128
The double oven is the best feature for a family of 2. We love our new stove. We are extremely happy with the double oven as we are able to cook at two different temperatures when necessary. Also, for a family of two, we do not have to heat up a large space for a small roast or a couple of potatoes. The cook top is easy to keep clean and using the ultra high makes it quick and easy to heat up boiling water etc. We also love the bridge for larger pans . All in all we are completely satisfied with the Maytag stove. September 26, 2012
I have only had this stove a short time, but love it! The two ovens are great when having large family gatherings. The convection oven is a nice addition and speeds up the cooking process. I really like this stove and so do my friends. April 17, 2013
Love This Range! I'm very pleased with this range. The oven bakes very evenly. The stovetop is easy to clean. The double oven is great when cooking a big meal, & the smaller oven on top is great for everyday use. The only downside I've found is the clock takes a long time to set because you have to press the button until the appropriate time appears. Other than that, no complaints. I had my last Maytag electric range for 17 years. I hope to have this one just as long. September 26, 2012
Does everything and more I love my new range. I've had it for 2 months. A little technical to learn all the gadgets at first, but overall it is awesome. Love having 2 ovens. I can cook 3 batches of cookies at one time or two components of dinner on different heat settings. I also love the quick heat setting on the stove, boils water in just a couple minutes. Also love the bridge burner, now I just need a griddle pan to make use of this feature. November 21, 2012
So glad I bought this I can't say enough about this stove and oven. I truly enjoy everything about it. Double ovens are fantastic, cook top is easy to clean, and the convection oven is quiet as well as great for roasting. The upper(smaller) oven is perfect for most of my requirements and is more economic than using a larger oven. Love the looks. February 13, 2013
The double oven is GREAT! I have not had the pleasure of a double oven since childhood. It is so amazing to effectively cook multiple dishes at the same time. I am pleasantly surprised by the evenness of cooking the range provides. The rapid heating and cooling of the elements is an added benefit. February 26, 2013
CAN'T GET BY ON LOOKS ALONE!! I'm sorry to say that this isn't what I expected. I have had other Maytag products and expected better with this. When I got it, it was beautiful on the inside, and out. But after just a few months the cooktop scratched. My other oven had the same style of cooktop, but wasn't a double oven, and I had it for almost 20 years and when I got rid of it, it didn't have ONE SCRATCH on the cooktop! That just broke my heart. I also find it very hard to keep clean. I use exactly the products I was given by the dealer, and still have problems. Either with streaks or spots. I'm forever cleaning the top. As for the inside of the oven... That is a nightmare. After using it a few times (once the convection) it was a mess so I decided to clean it. The self cleaning button isn't user friendly. Thats all I'll say about that. And to save electricity I do it at night. The oven beeps until you get up and shut it off!? That's not the worst of it. The way the oven is shaped inside with all the grooves and dips, it doesn't come completely clean!! No matter what I do, there are spots around the edges that are just baked on! This oven is now just 1 year old, and it looks much older...I am a very fussy person when it comes to keeping things clean, and this appliance really disappoints me. As far as cooking and baking go, some good, some bad. I find that I have to make sure my pans are situated JUST RIGHT on the racks, or they tilt a bit. There seems to be a bump in the middle of the racks. If I'm not careful, my cakes come out uneven. I really wanted to love this but..... September 27, 2012
love this product I absolutely love this double oven and stove. I love baking so the double oven comes in very handy. The only two dislikes I have with this product are that the glass top elements seem to take a while to warm up. Also, there is a ridge around the cook top that food catches in. February 18, 2013
This product is energy efficient and stylish. The smaller upper oven is an energy efficient, cost effective feature of this wonderful appliance. The lower oven is a convection oven, also rendering it energy efficient and cost effective. The black cooktop is hard to keep clean. The large burner with the speed heat feature as well as regular feature is just wonderful and reduces heating time by 90%. Overall I would rate this range a 10 out of 10. October 25, 2012
I Love my Maytag oven Purchased this oven 9 months ago. I love the top and bottom feature. Small items I can cook in 10 minutes as I would with my old toaster oven, Large items, such as turkeys, I cook as I normally would in a typical oven. I use the top portion only for 80% of my families meals, which really saves on my electric bill. I also love the timer. I can set the clock (timer) and control the top and bottom portion seperately. September 25, 2012
I love my new oven! I was not completely sold on two ovens but my husband insisted . It is wonderful. last Saturday we held a pizza making competition- the oven was a the star of the show! I am pleased we have this product! Made in the USA March 6, 2013
Love the performance of this oven!!! This oven is top-notch in performance and features. I was surprised at the capacity of the upper oven... I do a lot of my baking in it !!! Just make sure you read the handbook completely so that you can benefit from all features!!!! February 25, 2013
perfect and the price for this item was also great i bought all four applian. and the micro wave and the oven are my favorite two out of the four April 1, 2013
Love the Features on this oven The small top over works great for everyday cooking. April 1, 2013
I like everthing about this product I really like the warming unit on my product,the small oven is just the right size for small meals.The large bakes the way I like,a really great stove. February 15, 2013
Great range! Love having 2 ovens!!! We knew we wanted 2 ovens. But now that we have 2 we don't know how we ever managed with just one. Love the look and quality of this range. February 12, 2013
Many great features in one appliance With only 2 living in my home most of the time, The top oven is wonderful. But on occassion when my whole family is here, I have the bottom oven for bigger entrees such as a ham or turkey. The large oven have the convection feature which cuts down on cooking time. The glass stove top is so easy to clean and use. September 18, 2012
The Maytag is easy to use, Ovens & Stovetop heat quickly. Whether its a holiday event or just dinner for 2. The oven is awesome. We love baked potato's vs. microwave, this oven gets it done. It is great to come home from work and enjoy a great meal in a short period of time. Everything is cooked evenly, excellent convection oven. September 26, 2012
cook top is very hard to keep clean I love having the double oven, but honestly I don't know if its worth the hassle of trying to keep the cooktop clean. I had a cooktop prior to this that had a marble colored cooktop and it was a breeze to keep clean. This one has a black cooktop and is VERY hard to clean. September 26, 2012
I really love this oven, but would go back to a single oven I was really excited about this purchase, until I used the top oven. I do not care for the top oven being that it will burn items quickly and unevenly. Other than that one complaint, I LOVE my stove! The convection oven is so nice to bake cakes in, and any other foods. September 26, 2012
Two ovens is great I like having the two ovens, but the self cleaning feature does not work well--the oven does not get clean. In addition, you are required to take the racks out and clean them by hand. They should be made to be left in the oven. September 25, 2012
This product is perfect for anyone I've never had a double oven before and I don't know how I ever made it in the kitchen with just 1 oven. I can cook double! Takes me less time in the kitchen and it's so easy to use. I recommend this Maytag for all families. September 26, 2012
Great oven/stove. This is a great oven/stove. It has even heat, and you can cook two separate things at the same time. Has lots of features and is built well. September 26, 2012
This product has great features I have really enjoyed the bridged element and the smaller oven. Those were the main features I needed. Cleans easily and very simple to operate. September 18, 2012
Range double oven electric The range is great. Big oven easy to clean and heats fast. Chose white because all the rest of our Maytag appliances are white. September 19, 2012
LOVE THE STOVE I love this stove and I don't even mind cooking cooks everything evenly Browns perfectly love the 2 ovens September 27, 2012
Love the double oven This unit has been fantastic. I cook a lot and find that having the double oven is a extra bonus. September 25, 2012
Great stove. Good value. Love the double oven. No complaints after 6 months of use September 25, 2012
great Cleans easy like any glass top. No complaints. Looks great September 25, 2012
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