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Maxima® Front Load Steam Washer


From America's #1 preferred laundry brand2 comes a premium laundry experience equipped with the PowerWash® Cycle for the best cleaning in the industry. To keep your household's clothes, fabrics and special items ready for daily life, this high-efficiency 4.3 cu. ft. washer includes a 10-year limited parts warranty1 and Maytag® Commercial Technology. The 16-hour Fresh Hold® option keeps clothes left in the washer fresh. It meets CEE Tier 33 standards to reduce utility bills and an NSF Certified Sanitize setting uses the power of steam to remove 99.9% of household bacteria4. Why do we put so much thought into your laundry? So you don't have to.

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Accessories You'll Need

Part # 8212638RC
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 6 ft. water supply lines. These hoses are the most flexible choice for all washer applications and include a nylon braided protective bonded layer, a Hypro-Blue Steel anti-corrosive couplings, pre-installed high-quality EPDM washers, a large diameter for maximum water flow, and a space saving 90 degree elbow.
MSRP: $32.99
Part # 8212545RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 4.5 ft. water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings.
MSRP: $19.99
Part # 8212487RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 5 ft. nylon braided water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings. They're Better than Stainless!
MSRP: $26.99

Accessories You'll Want

Part # W10135699
Affresh™ Washer Cleaner removes and prevents odor-causing residue that can occur in all brands of HE washers. While bleach only kills odor-causing bacteria leaving behind the detergent residue, Affresh™ Washer Cleaner uses surfactant chemistry to remove the root problem. Affresh™ cleaner is a formulated, slow-dissolve, foaming tablet that gets under residue, breaks it up, and washes it away leaving the washer smelling fresh and clean.
MSRP: $6.99
Part # W10298318RP
Maximize laundry space by stacking the dryer on top of the Washer with the Stack Kit. Installation instructions are included, and all that is needed are basic tools to complete the installation.
MSRP: $20.99
Part # W10355010
Use the powerful cleaning action of affresh™ Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner to cut through the residue and leaves a streak-free shine. It leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. Cleans everyday kitchen spills.
MSRP: $4.99
Part # XHS1000XX
Adjustable clothes rack allows you to conveniently hang garments straight from the washer or dryer. It is collapsible and removable for quick, easy storage. It assembles easily in less than 5 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver. The rotating arms pivot independently to accommodate various configurations. It also easily attaches with scratch-resistant magnets to most full-size washers or dryers.
MSRP: $69.99

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Top Features

Highly Rated by a Leading Consumer Magazine

Best Cleaning in the Industry Enabled by PowerWash® Cycle

This cycle combines extra-cleaning action and a deep rinse to thoroughly clean dirty loads. The built-in water heater ensures enhanced soil and stain removal.

American Pride

From Ohio to you, these laundry pairs are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. Buy with confidence knowing Maxima XL™ laundry pairs are dependably manufactured right at home.

Additional Features

PowerWash® Cycle

The PowerWash® cycle gives stains a real kick in the pants. It helps fight stains with extra wash action, heated water, extended wash time and a thorough rinse. No matter what life throws at you, the PowerWash® cycle has you covered.

10-Year Limited Parts Warranty1 On Washer Motor And Basket

Built strong to last long—All new Maxima Series washers include a 10-year limited warranty on the washer motor and the stainless steel wash basket.

Maytag® Commercial Technology

Maxima XL™ & Maxima X™ washers bring long-lasting, commercial-grade components that you can depend on into your home. The pump impeller, corrosion-resistant springs and dampers are all built to easily handle load after load, week after week.

16 hour Fresh Hold™ with Dynamic Venting Technology™

Circulating air in the washer helps keep clean laundry smelling fresh and helps keep wrinkles from setting in for up to 16 hours after the wash cycle ends. Plus, dry a small load in the washer overnight or dry out the washer between loads. This option may be selected manually at any time to dry out the interior of the washer.

Allergen Removal Washer Cycle

A washer cycle that has been proven to eliminate 95 percent of common allergens, such as dust mites and pet dander, from fabrics.

NSF Certified Sanitize Temperature

Steam for Stains option

Available with select wash cycles including Allergen and PowerWash®, this option uses a combination of water temperature and steam to provide the optimal environment for detergent enzymes to work on removing organic stains.

Oxi Boost option

The Oxi Boost option automatically dispenses stain-fighting additives into the wash cycle at the right time for maximum stain removal.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Our largest capacity Front-Load washer

The entire line of Maxima™ washers features 4.3 cu. ft. capacity so you can wash more clothes in every load, for fewer total loads per week.

Best Cleaning for your Largest Loads Enabled by the PowerWash® Cycle.

12 Wash cycles, 8 options

The Maxima™ 7000 washer offers a total of 12 wash cycles and 8 options which can be combined to create the ideal cycles for a wide variety of load types.

MaxExtract™ Spin Option

This option accelerates the load’s final spin to help remove moisture and reduce drying time.

Clean Washer with Affresh® cycle

Use this cycle once a month with a cleaner like Affresh® washer cleaner to remove or reduce odor-causing soap residue and mildew that can build up as a result of regular everyday washing. This cycle uses a higher water level and hot water to remove buildup.

Whites Cycle

Cleans loads of soiled white fabrics with the addition of bleach. An additional rinse helps to remove any remaining chlorine residue. Uses hot temperatures, fast tumbling, longer wash times and an extra-high spin speed for optimal cleaning.

Extra Rinse Option

4-Tray Dispenser Drawer

Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Wash Basket

1,000 Watt Built-In Water Heater

Control Lockout

Estimated Time Remaining Display

Delay Start Option

Sensor-Controlled Suds Detection

Front Serviceable

Configuration and Overview

Fuel Type
ADA Compliant
ADA Height and Side and Front Reach Compliant
Energy Star® Qualified
CEE Tier Rating
Tier III (Highest Possible Efficiency Rating)
Capacity (DOE)
4.3 Cu. Ft.

Style and Extras

Drum Material
Stainless Steel
Feedback-Status Indicators
Add Garment, Control Lock, Cycle Signal, Door Locked, Estimated Time Remaining, Extra Rinse, Max Extract, Oxi Boost, Sensing
Control Type
Advanced Vibration Control
LED Color
Eco Monitor
Automatic Dispense System
Bleach, Detergent, Fabric Softener, Oxi /Color-Safe Bleach
Pedestal Options
Hoses Included

Cycle and Options

Delay Start
Up to 10 hours
Number of Wash Cycles
Temperature Combinations
Cold, Hot, Sanitize, Warm
Number of Spin Speeds
Soil Selections
Extra Heavy, Heavy, Light, Normal
Number of Soil Levels
Maximum Spin Speed (RPM)
Washer Cycle Selections
Allergen, Bedding, Clean Washer with affresh, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Normal, Powerwash®, Rinse/Drain & Spin, Small Load, Soak, Whites, Wrinkle Control
Water Factor
Washer Option Selections
Add a Garment, Control Lock, Delay Wash, Door Locked, End of Cycle Signal, Extra Rinse, Fresh Hold®, Max Extract, Oxi Boost, Sensing, Steam for Stains
Pre Soak


32 3/4

Product Dimensions

  • 32 3/4
  • 38
  • 27

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Maxima® Front Load Steam Washer 4.5 5 111 111
Great washer This washer not only looks great, it performs better than any other washer I have used. Stains come right out and I have none of the lint issues that occur in other washers. I have a compact condo so it's a huge plus that the washer is very quiet because I am never more than a few feet away from it. I love how dry the clothes come out after the spin, making time in the dryer much shorter. My only complaint is that single items, or extremely heavy items like bath mats do occasionally stop the spin cycle, but this doesn't seem to be any more prevalent than other washers. My favorite feature is fresh hold option, so I never get that moldy laundry smell when I inevitably leave a load in overnight. November 23, 2011
Overall good washer, does not wash single loads well. Some of the things that prompted me to by this washer was the large capacity, the features and the overall design. I mostly use the normal wash cycle as it does an adequate job of cleaning the clothes. I don't use the other cycles as much because it adds so much time to the cycle. Unfortunately it does not wash single items well, even when using the small load cycle. they come out dripping wet. Sometimes it has a hard time balancing some loads. I love ability to turn the light on when it is washing the clothes. I also would have loved to buy the pedastals that go with it, but they were WAY overprices. Overall I am happy with the washer, although I wish the cycles weren't so long. November 5, 2011
Have only used three months, but works as expected. Spin dry was hard to work out since have to choose the 'rinse and spin' option then push the button for the rinse to turn that part off. Works fine and big drum and like the fact that the door does not swing shut so the washer can dry out. March 15, 2014
This product really works well I work in construction, and have 3 kids, so this washer has been put to the test. The steam for stains feature really seems to remove stains well. I am amazed at the ease of use, and functionality that it provides. My last washer shook the whole house when it ran. I only know this one is running because the chime that it sounds when finished. November 6, 2011
overall good machine, but some significant flaws I am really disappointed that this machine doesn't have a quick wash feature. It is such a basic feature, yet they purposefully chose to leave it off when all of the competitor's comparable machines that we looked at, had it. We can use the overnight wash/dry for a shortened wash time, but it is only designed for a very small load. I also have had major issues with the inability to wash a small heavier load like a small load of towels, cotton rug or blanket without having spin issues.Since it doesn't spin out the dirty water, I can only assume that the towels aren't clean either. I have never heard of a machine that you had to run a full load of towels or nothing. It doesn't give an unbalanced load err, but (even though it spins around) it just doesn't ring them out. They end up absolutely soaking, dripping wet, even after being ran on an extra 'spin/drain' cycle after the normal cycle. My 10 year old Duets washed these same loads every week with zero problems so I don't understand why a current premium set shouldn't be able to handle such a basic load. It does a decent job with a full load of regular clothes. It doesn't seem to do any better or worse than my old Duet set. About the same noise/vibration level , maybe a bit quieter, but not a remarkable difference. I haven't had a use for the steam cycle yet, so can't comment on that. Machine size and opening size seem appropriate. Capacity seems good/average for front loaders. Buttons/settings make sense but when stacked you can't see the lights to tell you which setting the dial is on. The light is on the machine, not the dial, so the thick dial blocks the view of the lights. I will have to make hand made marks on the dial so I can tell which option it is on (I am 5'8" so it isn't a height issue). The panel lights and interior lights are nice when taking things out of the machine, but don't turn off automatically when it is not in use. I have to make sure to manually turn off the machine after use, which seems odd to me. If I am taking items out of the machine and carrying them to the next room in my hands, I have to go back to the laundry room to turn it off. Quality seems ok, but it is only a couple of weeks old so I can't really comment. February 5, 2014
Best Washer We have ever purchased. Unit is a 7000 Model. My wife is very short so wanted a front end loader. Also, all of our past washers, have suffered from paint erosion of the drum, usually after yr 8 of age, so we wanted a stainless steel drum, which this has. Finally, I preferred a USA product, designed and produced here, but yet of good quality, and I have always been interested in the Maytag dependabilty representations. The salesman seemed to know the products strong points, plus the warranty, on parts that we have had go bad in the past on previous brands, were were longer (10 years). I am totally taken with this is just beautiful, simple but easy to use and attractive, if you can say that about a washer; I am a 66 yoa white male for the demographics. My wife loves it as well. It stands on a pedastel unit, which we bought, Maytag mfg'd, and it is very handy to hold supplies. Uncluttered the wash room considerably. The capacity is excellent, and the controls easy to use. I could have purchased the higher end 9000 series, which had more cycles, but my wife felt we would not use all of them; also the 7000 has all the upgrade features, so the 9000 is more cycles only and a different controls interface. Also, on a minor point, I had seen the controls of the 9000, as installed on a Whirlpool, and they were not well worked out, plus the design, as installed, did not look 'finished'. I like the Fresh Hold setting which does not allow mold/mildew occur, as it blows air #ambient temp I believe# over the load continuously, and rotates the load periodically for up to 16 hours. This is handy and used! Has sanitze cycle with steam, NFS stds. You will be surprised how little water is used, plus is the HE type detergent, low sudsing, etc. Very smooth with very little vibration. We used to keep washer room door closed and could hear lots of noise #previous washer 11 yr old top load expensive unit#, whereas even with the room door open, this cannot be heard running; very quiet. With heavy loads, at high spin speed, you can feel a little vibration with your hand on the top of the washer, but yet no vibration finds its way to the floor. A light can be turned on to illuminate the interior, any time during the cycles- nice touch. The controls are smooth in operation and the displays reasonable. If you want super pretty controls with a display like and iPod, then that is the 9000. So I intend for this to be my last washer purchase for a long time, and for now, we are off to a very good start! January 28, 2012
Update to an under-performing model We gave our local reseller a chance to make our washer right. They replaced the entire direct drive assembly with updated internal parts and some rather strange instructions. No more than 5 pair of jeans, 4 bath sheets, smaller loads, less soap. Don't do comforters (unless you HAVE TO). Don't do the pillow cases with the flats and fitted sheets. Only one king sheet and fitted sheet at a time. Well, it still leaves bedding dripping, dripping, dripping wet. Max extract does not do any better. None of the parts were defective. We don't over load the unit AT ALL. We only use, "HE" rated detergents. We have gone from 4 medium loads to 7 smaller loads and weekly bedding. At more than $3000 invested, upset is an understatement. This model performs HORRIBLY for properly draining loads. Even with new suspension components, drum and drain pipes. No change in performance. December 10, 2012
I love my machines! The capacity is awesome. I counted 14 pair of jeans in one load. If the load gets off balance, it will stop itself and readjust. So much better than our previous machines, where I was afraid to leave the house for fear of it walking out the door. I love the soap dispenser. I keep a small plastic Tablespoon measure in the dispenser drawer so I always have it there and the soap gets washed off of it as the soap is dispensed. I usually use between one and a little more Tablespoons of liquid detergent. That works great! I love the sanitizer cycle as I have an incontinent person in the house. So far, these machines have been a blessing and we have had them for a little over a year. I highly recommend them. And wish I hadn't waited so long! December 24, 2013
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