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6.2 cu. ft. Capacity Induction Range with EvenAir™ True Convection


This 6.2 cu. ft. capacity freestanding range has the space to get it all done and the power to get it done fast. You won't know how you ever cooked without features like EvenAir™ true convection that lets you roast up to 30% faster41, the Speed Heat™ element that boils water 40% faster2 or Power Preheat, which lets you preheat your oven in 8 minutes3. Plus, with AquaLift® self-clean technology, keeping the oven clean takes less than an hour. And with the 10-year limited parts warranty6 on select components5, you can be sure that you'll be cooking for years to come.

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Accessories You'll Want

Part # W10355010
Use the powerful cleaning action of affresh™ Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner to cut through the residue and leaves a streak-free shine. It leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. Cleans everyday kitchen spills.
MSRP: $4.99
Part # W10423113RP
This oven cleaning kit has everything you need to efficiently clean ovens with AquaLift™ self-clean technology. Contains (1) expanding sponge, (1) scrubbing sponge, and (1) scraper. Use the scraper to easily remove soil that has burned on extensively after running AquaLife cycle. The sponge is double-sided. One side is smooth to wipe away spills loosened by the AquaLift cycle, and the other side is rough for more stubborn stains. The expanding sponge soaks up the residual water left in the bottom of the oven cavity.
MSRP: $6.99
Part # W10355016
Affresh™ stainless steel cleaner leaves a streak-free and polished shine. It gently cleans fingerprints, smudges and residue. Use stainless steel cleaner on refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, and microwaves.
MSRP: $6.99
Part # 31462A
Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner and Polish keeps stainless steel surfaces shining like new. Its powerful, no-shake formula works great on all appliances by removing food spills, grime, and stains. Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner and Polish also works on grills and sinks.
MSRP: $6.99

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Top Features

6.2 cu. ft. Capacity

With a 6.2 cu. ft. capacity that's among the biggest in the industry, Maytag® freestanding electric ranges never bite off more than they can chew. The oven interior has enough space for even your largest dishes and pans—so you'll be confident cooking for the whole crew.

10-year limited parts warranty6 on elements and ceramic glass cooktop*

No other appliance brand offers peace of mind like Maytag. Backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty6* on the elements and ceramic glass cooktop, these ranges are Better Built for years of dependable cooking. *Visit for warranty details.

Designed, Engineered, Assembled in the USA. Assembled in Tulsa, OK

American Pride is all about hard work and dependability. At Maytag, we carry on that tradition. From Oklahoma to you, Maytag® ranges are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

Additional Features

AquaLift® Self-Clean Technology

Get your oven clean in less than an hour with odor-free, low temperature AquaLift® self-clean technology. This innovative coating on the oven interior activates with water and heat to release tough, baked-on soils from underneath so food and debris easily wipe away. Plus, with AquaLift® self-clean technology, temperatures stay below 200˚F as compared to ovens that require heat of up to 800˚F during traditional self-cleaning cycles.

Induction 3,700-watt Speed Heat™ element

Instantly control the heat with the sliding touch controls of this 11" 3,700-watt Speed Heat™ induction element. It boils 40% faster2,* yet the surrounding cooktop stays cool to the touch while providing the power you expect from Maytag brand.

Power Preheat

When you need the power to transform everyday food into a tasty family meal, Power Preheat gets the oven preheated in just 8 minutes3.* Just dial in the degrees and let the convection element and bake and broil elements turn up the heat for 25% faster8 preheating. With Power Vents moving air throughout the oven, you can count on Power Preheat for less waitin' and more eatin'.

EvenAir™ true convection with third element and Auto Conversion

Convection cooking roasts food up to 30% faster1* than a standard oven while providing uniform browning and outstanding baking performance. Plus, Auto Conversion converts standard temperatures to their convection equivalents, making sure your legendary family recipes come out perfectly. *Compared to traditional thermal-bake ovens.

Max capacity rack

This lower oven rack is recessed to provide maximum cooking capacity, making it perfect for large items and holiday meals.

Induction Power Center with 11" 3,700-watt and 9" 3,200-watt induction elements

Instantly control the heat with the sliding touch controls of this induction Power Center cooktop. Featuring an 11" 3,700-watt Speed Heat™ element, a 9" 3,200-watt induction element and two 6" 1,800-watt elements, this cooktop delivers the cooking power you expect from Maytag brand, like the ability to boil water 40% faster2.* Andbecause this model is equipped with induction technology, the surrounding cooktop remains cool to the touch, so you can avoid baked-on messes. *Based on boiling 6 liters of water with 3,700-watt induction element versus 9" 2,500-watt radiant element.

Precision Cooking™ system with Precise Preheat, Precise Bake and Precise Broil

This cooking system combines Precise Preheat, Precise Bake and Precise Broil to provide dependable, even cooking for exceptional results and optimal performance.

Better Built cooking components

The heavy-duty door hinges and shatter-resistant cooktop give you confidence that your range is built to last. That's just another example of the durable, reliable performance you love, and that Maytag brand is known for.

Warming drawer

Offers a convenient compartment to keep food warm until it's ready to be served.

Panoramic view oven window

The extra-large oven window provides better visibility of the oven interior, allowing you to monitor cooking progress without opening the door, keeping oven temperatures steady and undisturbed.

Keep Warm™ setting

Keep hot food hot without having to keep cooking. By maintaining the oven's lowest temperature at a steady 175˚F, you can be confident knowing that you can serve everything at once.

Reliable electronic touch oven controls

Easy-to-use touch pad electronic controls offer precise temperature adjustment.

Delay Bake

The oven kicks on while your family is watching a movie with an hour to go. Thanks to Delay Bake, your family can finish the evening with homemade apple crisp—so you can be the hero and still enjoy the rest of the movie.

Hot surface indicator

The hot surface indicator lets you know when the cooktop is still hot.

Control Lockout

Disables the control panel to avoid unintended use or other changes to your cooking settings, like turning on the cooktop surface.

Configuration and Overview

Capacity (cu. ft.) 
Range Type 
Fuel Type
Size (in.)

Cooktop Features

Number of Cooking Element-Burners
Cooktop Element Style
Left Front Element-Burner Power
1800 watt
Left Rear Element-Burner Type
Left Rear Element-Burner Power
3200 watt
Right Front Element-Burner Type
Left Front Element-Burner Type
Left Rear Element-Burner Size
Right Rear Element-Burner Size
Cooktop Surface Material
Right Rear Element-Burner Type
Cooktop Surface Color
Left Front Element-Burner Size
Right Rear Element-Burner Power
3700 watt
Right Front Element-Burner Size
Right Front Element-Burner Power
1800 watt

Oven Features

Number of Oven Racks
Broiler Location
Top of Oven
Convection Functions
Bake, Broil, Roast
Oven Rack Type
2 Standard and 1 Max Capacity
Number of Oven Lights
Hot Surface Indicator Light
Convection Element Type
Convection Bake
AquaLift® Steam Clean
Heating Element On Indicator Light
AquaLift® Technology Clean
Power On Indicator Light
Number of Oven Lights
Light Type
Convection Broil
Number of Rack Guides
Automatic Convection Conversion Temperature Adjust
Oven Cooking System
Hidden Bake

Style and Extras

Clock, Control Lockout, Delay Cook, Keep Warm Setting, Melt, Precise Power, Rapid Preheat, Sabbath Mode, Simmer, Timer, Warm Hold
Drawer Type
Warming Drawer
ADA Compliant
ADA Height and Operation Compliant
Handle Material
Sabbath Mode


27 3/4
46 7/8
29 7/8

Product Dimensions

  • 27 3/4
  • 46 7/8
  • 29 7/8

Dimensions are for planning purposes only.
For complete information, visit owner center.

6.2 cu. ft. Capacity Induction Range with EvenAir™ True Convection 4.5 5 51 51
"COULD be amazing, but..... This range COULD be absolutely amazing! Induction cooking is super fast, very easy cleanup, and quick recovery. But my issues have been with the induction controls-when I'm baking, the induction control panel starts beeping VERY LOUDLY about every 10 seconds, and the induction buttons won't even turn on the cooktop. This is truly annoying and lasts until the oven sufficiently cools down. Should you not be able to cook on the cooktop and bake at the same time? (That is sarcastic because of course you should...) I've had the Maytag repairman out once to replace the entire control panel and it was working for about 2 months, then yesterday it started again. Makes me think there is an inherent design flaw in placing the controls on the actual cooktop surface, and it seems like somehow the control panel overheats during baking. Because I cannot handle these issues repeatedly, I will be working with my retailer for a replacement, as it has not even been 9 months since my purchase....Maytag needs to look at this issue and redesign the product to avoid these issues. February 4, 2013
great product for the price w/ single design flaw. have had no trouble so far after about 6 months. rapid boiling, good heat control. controls a bit hard to figure at first, but now no issues. any liquid spilling in the control area and you have to go back and re-set your selections. biggest problem is that there is a vent space between the 2 door glass panels. this vent is at the top of the door facing forward, and I have gotten liquid running down between the glass, where it is impossible to clean. really annoying. Even cleaning the vent w/ a rag too wet will send liquid into no-mans'-land. otherwise great range and nothing else really in the market at this price point. April 7, 2014
This is a wonderful range. I am enjoying learning to cook with the induction. This range has cut my kitchen time in half by ease of use and quickness of cooking. The oven gives a very even bake. The only design flaw I have encountered so far is that both large cooking eyes are in the back but it is my preference to have one large and one small eye in front and back. If you are thinking about induction do not hesitate. Thank you Maytag for a great product. May 12, 2012
Disappointing I wish I could say I was thrilled, but actually I am pretty disappointed. While the range is stylish and the induction stovetop functions, the control pad on the stovetop is poorly located and subject to being accidentally turned off or beeping excessively if something is set atop it. The oven does not seem to heat evenly and is so poorly insulated that it heats the cabinets next to it. The control panel for the range is very dark and difficult to read, somewhat unresponsive and the convection oven setting automatically reduces the cook temperature setting, which somewhat defeats the convection benefit of shorter cooking times. The oven takes a long time to preheat and the audible alarm that signals that the temp or time has been reached sounds like a weak baby bird. The heating drawer is a joke, it will only hold the most shallow of pans. All in all, I'd say for the money, there are much better functioning units out there (although not induction), but the induction doesn't make up for the overall failure of this unit. Maybe Maytag should stick to laundry products. December 26, 2013
Induction Value I had a GE induction cooktop many years ago and loved it so I was very happy to see prices come down on induction ranges. When it came time to replace my ancient stove, I chose the Maytag as I thought it offered a good balance of features and price. I recommend it but with some reservations. First of all, the generic manual that came with it (it seems there's only one for all Maytag electric stoves) gave incorrect information on how to change the oven temperature but I figured it out. More problematic is the fact that the controls aren't very responsive when my fingers are wet. I don't know about everyone else, but my fingers are often wet when I'm cooking and it's frustrating if I can't quickly turn off the stove when something's about to boil over. There's also one thing that's designed badly. The stove top has to be turned on and then you have to select which burner to adjust before you can select the temperature. Each time you go to change the temperature, you have to first choose the burner, unless you're cooking on only one element. In that case, you don't have to readjust. The cooktop I had before had a separate control for each burner so the extra step of choosing the burner before adjusting a burner wasn't necessary. This extra step is annoying. That said, I'm really enjoying induction cooking again, including the incredibly fast time it takes to boil a big pot of water. It's also the safest choice as the burners get uncomfortably warm but won't burn your hand and automatically turn off if there's no pot on a burner or if one boils dry. Since it doesn't get very hot (the stove heats the pot which cooks the food, rather than cooking it directly), food is relatively easy to clean off the cooktop when it cools. I haven't had to clean the oven yet so I can't comment on that. As far as I'm concerned, induction offers the best of electric (easy clean up of the smooth cooktop) and gas cooking (instant temperature control). This stove is a good choice if you want to take advantage of induction technology without paying an arm and a leg but with a little more thought it could have been great. February 25, 2014
The induction cooktop is one of many great features I was considering switching to gas range, but the salesman showed me how quickly the induction range gets hot and boils water then immediately cools down, which makes it easier to keep clean than other smooth cook tops. It saved the expense of piping the gas line to the kitchen. The convection oven is larger because there is no fan that sticks out from the back. It bakes evenly and adjusts the temperature. I was also surprised at how much I have been using the warming drawer feature. I have not tested the low temp/water oven selfclean system yet but I love the concept. March 10, 2014
Great Product, I could not be more pleased. Very simply put, I love it. My wife has never liked gas so 54 years of marriage I put up with the electric range I did not like. When I discovered induction I talked her into it seeing as how I use it more than she does anyway. It's response is the next thing to the instantaneous of gas. I have not burned anything yet and believe Maytag to be a product I can trust. We bought a Maytag stack-able washer dryer 5 years ago. My wife washes for the most part daily and she has not yet been able to wear it out. March 12, 2014
Love the induction cooktop! Would highly recommend this stove. Love the is amazing to have water boil so about 90 seconds. Plus, because the burners don't stay hot when stainless steel pan removed, nothing gets "burnt" nor "stuck" to the glass top, so is super easy to clean the cooktop. I've been using spray cleaner or water and a microfiber towel. No need for "blades" or special cooktop cleaner regularly like required on our previous glass cooktop! Also, cooktop controls are at the front of the cooktop, so never have to reach over hot food to adjust the burners. Inside, there are three oven racks and is spacious with narrow warming drawer underneath. We even cooked two 12 lb. turkeys side by side at Thanksgiving! Furthermore, the stainless steel/black color combo looks great with our granite countertops and stone/glass backsplash. Definitely a smart purchase! January 9, 2014
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