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Bravos XL® HE Top Load Washer with PowerWash® System


Take on that end-of-week laundry pile with confidence. You can power through more dirty clothes in fewer loads with this high-efficiency Bravos XL® HE top load washer that boasts a 4.6 cu. ft. capacity. And you get the Best Cleaning in the Industry enabled by PowerWash® System, plus an allergen removal cycle that helps eliminate 95 percent of common household allergens. You get all that and still use 76 percent less water and 78 percent less energy in this ENERGY STAR® qualified model. Now go enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Accessories You'll Need

Part # 8212641RP
These hoses have Anti-Corrosive Couplings, Pre-Installed High Quality EPDM Washers, and a 1050 PSI Burst Strength. Hoses exceed IAPMO, CSA, ANSI, IEC 61770, and RMA standards, and are designed for use with both hot and cold water inlet. Hoses are better than stainless steel and will not conduct electricity. Includes (2) 5-foot hoses. Replace inlet hoses after 5 years of use to reduce the risk of hose failure.
MSRP: $14.99
Part # 8212487RC
These hoses include everything you need for easy installation. They conveniently fit most major washer brands and provide hot and cold water to the washer. They feature 2-5 ft. braided water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings. They're Better than Stainless!
MSRP: $29.99
Part # 8212545RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 4.5 ft. water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings.
MSRP: $19.99

Accessories You'll Want

Part # W10355010
Use the powerful cleaning action of affresh™ Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner to cut through the residue and leaves a streak-free shine. It leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. Cleans everyday kitchen spills.
MSRP: $4.99
Part # XHS1000XX
Adjustable clothes rack allows you to conveniently hang garments straight from the washer or dryer. It is collapsible and removable for quick, easy storage. It assembles easily in less than 5 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver. The rotating arms pivot independently to accommodate various configurations. It also easily attaches with scratch-resistant magnets to most full-size washers or dryers.
MSRP: $69.99
Part # 8212656RP
These hoses have Anti-Corrosive Couplings, Pre-Installed High Quality EPDM Washers, and a 1050 PSI Burst Strength. Hoses exceed IAPMO, CSA, ANSI, IEC 61770, and RMA standards, and are designed for use with both hot and cold water inlet. Hoses are better than stainless steel and will not conduct electricity. Includes (2) 10-foot hoses. Replace inlet hoses after 5 years of use to reduce the risk of hose failure.
MSRP: $29.99
Part # 8212546RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 4 ft. water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings.
MSRP: $10.99
Part # W10214580RP
Protect you washer and dryer with this tailored-shape cover that fitws most top-load washers and dryers. It helps protect against any laundry room environment. Prevents chips and scratches on surfaces. Cover is dust resistant, mildew resistant, and water resistant. It ties on bottom keep cover in place. Use for seasonal storage. Cleans with a damp cloth.
MSRP: $59.99
Part # 8212526
Tray fits under washing machine and prevents floor damage. Protects floor from scuffs, spills and overflows including laundry detergents and bleach. Includes a 1 in. PVC drain fitting, washer and lock nut, and installation instructions. Fits under Duet® , Duet Sport®, Epic®, and all top-load platforms. 29 1/4" x 31 1/4" outside dimensions. 27" x 29" is the usable size. The unit curves up after those dimensions.
MSRP: $37.99
Part # 8212638RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 6 ft. water supply lines. These hoses are the most flexible choice for all washer applications and include a nylon braided protective bonded layer, a Hypro-Blue Steel anti-corrosive couplings, pre-installed high-quality EPDM washers, a large diameter for maximum water flow, and a space saving 90 degree elbow.
MSRP: $30.99
Part # 8212614
To ensure optimum dryer performance, it is recommend to regularly and thoroughly remove excess lint from the lint filter crevice. Using the dryer lint cleaning brush regularly can extend dryer life, lower utility bills, conserve energy, and reduce drying times.
MSRP: $12.99
Part # 1903WH
This rolling laundry supply cart stores easily between your washer and dryer. It contains three shelves for ample storage of detergents, softeners, stain-treaters, and other items you would like on hand while doing your laundry. Hardware is included with this item and it measures 8-1/4" x 25" x 30-3/4"
MSRP: $67.99
Part # W10135699
Affresh™ Washer Cleaner removes and prevents odor-causing residue that can occur in all brands of HE washers. While bleach only kills odor-causing bacteria leaving behind the detergent residue, Affresh™ Washer Cleaner uses surfactant chemistry to remove the root problem. Affresh™ cleaner is a formulated, slow-dissolve, foaming tablet that gets under residue, breaks it up, and washes it away leaving the washer smelling fresh and clean.
MSRP: $6.99

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Top Features

Best Cleaning In The Industry Enabled By The PowerWash® System2

This washer delivers the Best Cleaning in the Industry, enabled by the PowerWash® system. The PowerWash® system uses our unique PowerSpray technology, optimal dispensers and the PowerWash® cycle to help power out even the toughest stains.

PowerWash® Cycle

Using a combination of extra cleaning action and a thorough rinse, this cycle powers out tough stains and delivers the best cleaning in the industry. This model includes a built-in water heater, increasing wash temperatures to ensure better soil and stain removal.

PowerSpray Technology

Water and detergent are sprayed directly onto clothes early in the cycle for enhanced cleaning. This unique technology delivers enhanced cleaning performance by ensuring that detergent is evenly distributed throughout the load.

Additional Features

Optimal Dispensers

Optimal dispensers inject detergent and other additives at the correct time. This provides significantly better cleaning performance.

Cold Wash Cycle

This washer help power out tough stains using cold water and extra cleaning action. This means you get energy savings with the gentleness of cold water.

10-Year Limited Parts Warranty1 On Washer Motor And Basket

Built strong to last long—All new Maxima Series washers include a 10-year limited warranty on the washer motor and the stainless steel wash basket.

Maytag® Commercial Technology on Bravos XL®

Bravos XL® washers bring long-lasting, commercial-grade components into your home. Corrosion resistant springs and a newly designed wash impeller increase durability for less wear and tear from small items like coins, buckles or buttons.

Allergen Cycle

A washer cycle that has been proven to eliminate 95 percent of common allergens, such as dust mites and pet dander, from fabrics.

Enhanced IntelliClean Impeller

CEE Tier III Qualified

Based on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency qualified product listings--with Tier III being the most efficient. This model features advanced water & energy savings and may qualify for rebates from local utility companies.

SmoothClose™ Lid

Maytag brand's SmoothClose™ lid hinge design closes the washer lid slowly, helping with loading and unloading.

4.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity


Configuration and Overview

Energy Star® Qualified
ADA Compliant
Capacity (DOE)
4.6 Cu. Ft.
CEE Tier Rating
Tier III (Highest Possible Efficiency Rating)
Fuel Type

Style and Extras

Automatic Load Size Sensing Technology
Wash Motor Description
3 speed 1/2 hp
Display Type
Cycle Indicator Lights
Advanced Vibration Control
Eco Monitor
Automatic Dispense System
Bleach, Detergent, Fabric Softener
Pedestal Options
Sound Package
Control Type
Dials and Buttons

Cycle and Options

Temperature Combinations
Cold, Cool, Hot, Warm
Number of Spin Speeds
Maximum Spin Speed (RPM)
Number of Wash Cycles
Washer Cycle Selections
Water Factor
Number of Soil Levels
Soil Selections
Extra Heavy, Heavy, Light, Medium


27 1/2
45 1/8
27 1/2

Product Dimensions

  • 27 1/2
  • 45 1/8
  • 27 1/2

Dimensions are for planning purposes only.
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Bravos XL® HE Top Load Washer with PowerWash® System 4.7 5 1817 1817
Fantastic Machine I have had my Washer a week and I have almost run out of things to wash. It has done my goose down duvet and pillows to perfection. I have ordered the matching Dryer and it will be here tomorrow. Can't Wait!! August 15, 2013
Does not wash your clothes I do not know how this washer was ever approved for sale to the public. We didn't do our research and purchased this washer earlier this year, to replace our 25 year old washer that was on it's way out. The washer does not fill enough water to fully wash the clothes, and fails to rinse the clothes properly. Whenever you have dark clothing, it is a guarantee there will be soap lines all over your clothes, and you will have to re-wash them to get the soap out (when that doesn't work I try wiping it off with a cloth). I thought this machine would save us money, but after washing loads more than once to get them clean defeats the purpose of having such little water. Why isn't there an option to increase water capacity? I feel like I am stuck with this machine for now, but plan to get something better designed next year. I am not even sure if I could sell this to someone, knowing what they will go through trying to get their clothes clean. I'll probably donate it somewhere. December 23, 2013
Wow! What a change! I call my washing machine my spaceship now - all those buttons and lights, and almost silent operation, it's like something from the next generation!! The water saving feature takes some getting used to - not seeing your clothes totally submerged makes you wonder whether they're actually getting cleaned - but I've never had whiter whites or sharper colors. Excellent cleaning power. Capacity is HUGE - I still haven't reached the max load yet - and on only two-thirds it it still too large for my older tumble dryer; guess I'll have to look at upgrading there too! Only feature I wish they could've changed was the towel setting - it is with colors and I normally do these with underwear and socks, which use the normal setting - BUT they do wash better this way, so I perhaps need to change my ideas about how sorting gets done! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this machine - it's a true powerhouse. Oh yes, did I forget to mention I LOVE the cleaning cycle where it will clean the washer's interior? Great for us OCD types!! April 4, 2013
WOW! Way Cool! I've never had a washer like this one before. I love that the agitator is so small. Plenty of room for my families clothes. When i ran my first load I thought I had a defective washer because there was so little water used. I thought my water lines were clogged or that the machine wasn't allowing enough water into the barrel. I read the owner's manuel and found that everything was perfect! It doesn't need all the water I'm used to seeing. This machine has cut my water usage for washing clothes by about 70%. The clothes come out clean and fresh. The clothes are not all tangled up with each other or the agitator. It's so easy to unload and put into the dryer. There are multiple options on the panel to choose from. It doesn't matter what kind of load I have, there is an option to choose that will work perfectly. I use less detergent as well. I really enjoy that fact that I can wash twice the size load as my old washer. This is the best purchase I've made for my family in years!!! November 5, 2013
Best I've owned I have only had this washer/dryer set for 1 1/2 months. The quality certainly seems to be there, the sturdy hindges, buttons, knobs and thick metal, etc. I considered rating it average just because I have not had these units very long. The Capacity is outstanding (both washer and dryer), I can fit an oversized King comforter with no problem. The Design is great, I specifically like the glass in the doors. The Features are useful; from different levels of temp to different levels of soil extraction, spin speeds and my favorite is the designed feature that reminds you to clean the washer. The Performance certainly exceeds my expectations, my clothes smell and feel cleaner than before. The Sound Levels are very low, finally a washer that doesn't shake itself out of place nor does it thump, thump, thump in spin mode; it is very quiet indeed. Overall I am thoroughly impressed and I am looking forward to and expect to get many years of great value from this product. April 4, 2013
Best Washer! I have had my washer for 3 months now, and I still love getting to wash clothes in it. I upgraded from a very basic washer, and I was very overwhelmed with all the features and decisions in buying a washer. My only concern with the Bravos XL was some of the reviews that the washer "eats the clothes." This has not happened one single time to me. I did take about an hour once the washer was installed to really read the entire manual about how to select the correct settings/cycle. That has made a huge difference in my opinion. I haven't had an issue either with feeling my clothes are getting clean enough. The improved technology is superb! It is super quiet. Our house is open floor plan with no door on the laundry room, and we can comfortably watch TV with little interference on sound. When I bought the washer, Home Depot had a deal so you could buy it in the granite color for same price as the white. I absolutely love the granite color. We bought the dryer too, and it makes a very nice set. You won't be disappointed! I would recommend to anyone. April 3, 2013
Would get rid of this machine if it wasn't so new The best word I can use to describe this machine is 'the wrinkle.' I have owned many Maytags and this one is the worst I've ever had. While I love the capacity, it makes a weird noise while washing and everything is so wrinkled when the cycle is done. The dryer doesn't even remove half the wrinkles and everything has to be ironed. This may be energy efficient, but it sure isn't work efficient. Also, with it being so large, you need to be a giant to reach down to the bottom of the machine to get clothes out. It is about 2 inches taller than most machines so a short person would never be able to use this without a stool. March 24, 2014
This washer is NOT my favorite. Overall, I end up doing more loads than in my older, center-agitator unit. If I put more than 3 pairs of jeans in the washer, they end up all tangled together and with soap residue on them. I ALWAYS USE the extra rinse cycle to get soap residue out of the clothes. Sometimes clothes come out still dry if I don't use the extra rinse cycle, as well as choosing the soil level as if the clothes were dirtier than they actually are. (So much for water efficiency) The washer does NOT clean as well as my old one! If the load is over half full (dry) the clothes come out wrinkled and tangled. Sheets come out with the same fold marks in them as when they went in!. And they are ALWAYS TANGLED and difficult to separate. Towels are also tangled and often have to be washed twice.. Even though I read many, many reviews before purchasing, I should have given more weight to the negative reviews. I am going to sell my washer and matching dryer set, and get some old-style ones. September 7, 2013
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