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Get your dishes dependably clean with three powerful options.
  • Integrated Console

    • Expertly designed with controls that are hidden at the top of the door.
    • The 100% stainless steel tub cools faster and draws moisture away from dishes to help prevent spots on glassware and water drops on plastic containers.
    • Select models feature the Jetclean® Plus Steam Cycle, which uses high pressure spray jets to power off tough soils and a finishing steam to clean and reduce spots on glassware.
  • Traditional Console

    • Strengthened by the industry's most powerful motor available,* each cycle blasts away tough soils.
    • The maintenance-free 4-blade chopper eliminates prerinsing by pulverizing food and helps keep specks off dishes.
    • These oversized capacity tall tubs can hold 10-14 place settings and can accommodate two 9x13″ baking pans in the lower rack.
  • Portable Dishwashers


    • Perfect for apartments or kitchens with limited cabinet space
    • Oversized capacity interior holds 14 place settings
The features you need are specific to your lifestyle and family size.
  • The Maytag Difference

    It all starts with
    better built parts

    Our industry's most powerful motor available* is tested at 2x the life of an average dishwasher.** And our stainless steel chopping blades, nylon racks and stainless steel tub are all backed by a 10-year Limited Parts Warranty.*** So you all of your dishes can get a dependable clean, wash after wash.
  • Style Options

    Jet Clean Plus Steam

    Great cleaning takes great power…and a soft touch. That’s why we’ve built our jets to deliver a high-pressure spray, with high-heat water, to blast away tough soils. And then our soft steam puts the finishing touch on a perfect clean. Giving you the right kind of clean, for all kinds of dishes.
  • Size/Capacity


    If you regularly need to clean tall or oversized pans and pots, select Maytag brand dishwashers with High-Side racks can accommodate two 9x13" pans and even large bowls. If you wash small loads frequently, consider a drawer dishwasher that allows you to use one or both drawers based on your needs.
  • Save Energy & Resources

    Save Energy
    & Resources

    ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwashers use less than half the amount of water it takes to wash dishes by hand, and can help save thousands of gallons of water per year. Add these resource savings to the time you´ll save versus washing by hand, and you´ve got a highly efficient combination.
  • Measurements


    Before you buy, measure the dimensions of the cutout where your dishwasher will be installed, any entryways and doors that it will be delivered through. Also check the dishwasher installation guide for power and water source requirements.
  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    Select models are quieter than your current dishwasher, guaranteed.***
    Download PDFDownload 30 Day Quiet Guarantee

  • Cascade Complete Pacs

    Maytag recommends Cascade
    Complete Pacs to power away
    tough foods and greasy messes.

    Learn how it works

*See warranty for complete details.

**Testing based on normal cycle and average consumer use.

***See guarantee for complete details.