I'm tested to take what ever your family can dish

When our new dishwasher leaves our factory in Findlay, Ohio, its motor has been
tested to twice its life expectancy.† Giving you the most dependable clean
possible, day after day. We could have stopped at good-enough, but we couldn't
seem to. Because that's just what we're made of.

†Twice life testing based on accelerated 20-year life testing, normal cycle, average use.

Most powerful motor available*

Strengthened by the industry's most powerful motor available,*
each cycle blasts away tough soils for clean dishes the first time.


*Among leading brands.

4-blade stainless steel chopper

The maintenance-free 4-blade
chopper eliminates prerinsing by
pulverizing food, helping to keep
specks off dishes and particles
from plugging the wash system.

10-year limited parts warranty*

The nylon racks, stainless steel tub and chopper blade
are all backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty** to
ensure long-lasting performance.

**See warranty for complete details.

Jetclean plus steam cycle

Cleans everything from your messiest
pans to your finest stemware. High
pressure spray jets and increased
temperatures power off tough, stuck-
on food while finishing steam helps
clean and reduce spots on glassware.

Tiered upper rack***

With an improved design, this upper rack holds tall
items like 9" plates and glasses while providing easy
access. It also creates enough room in the lower rack
to vertically place two 9" x 13" pans.


***Available only on select models.

See what's inside that makes our dishwasher so dependable