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Bravos XL® HE Top Load Washer with PowerWash® System


Take on that end-of-week laundry pile with confidence. You can power through more dirty clothes in fewer loads with this high-efficiency Bravos XL® HE top load that boasts a 4.6 cu. ft. capacity. And you get the Best Cleaning in the Industry enabled by PowerWash® System, plus the sanitary cycle with oxi helps eliminate 99.999 percent of common household bacteria. The allergen cycle reduces 95% of common household allergens like pet dander and dust mites. The built-in heater lets you reduce pretreating, and you can launder delicates quickly and gently. You get all that and still use 76 percent less water and 78 percent less energy in this ENERGY STAR® qualified model. Now go enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Accessories You'll Need

Part # 8212641RP
These hoses have Anti-Corrosive Couplings, Pre-Installed High Quality EPDM Washers, and a 1050 PSI Burst Strength. Hoses exceed IAPMO, CSA, ANSI, IEC 61770, and RMA standards, and are designed for use with both hot and cold water inlet. Hoses are better than stainless steel and will not conduct electricity. Includes (2) 5-foot hoses. Replace inlet hoses after 5 years of use to reduce the risk of hose failure.
MSRP: $14.99
Part # 8212487RC
These hoses include everything you need for easy installation. They conveniently fit most major washer brands and provide hot and cold water to the washer. They feature 2-5 ft. braided water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings. They're Better than Stainless!
MSRP: $29.99
Part # 8212545RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 4.5 ft. water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings.
MSRP: $19.99

Accessories You'll Want

Part # W10355010
Use the powerful cleaning action of affresh™ Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner to cut through the residue and leaves a streak-free shine. It leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. Cleans everyday kitchen spills.
MSRP: $4.99
Part # XHS1000XX
Adjustable clothes rack allows you to conveniently hang garments straight from the washer or dryer. It is collapsible and removable for quick, easy storage. It assembles easily in less than 5 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver. The rotating arms pivot independently to accommodate various configurations. It also easily attaches with scratch-resistant magnets to most full-size washers or dryers.
MSRP: $69.99
Part # 8212656RP
These hoses have Anti-Corrosive Couplings, Pre-Installed High Quality EPDM Washers, and a 1050 PSI Burst Strength. Hoses exceed IAPMO, CSA, ANSI, IEC 61770, and RMA standards, and are designed for use with both hot and cold water inlet. Hoses are better than stainless steel and will not conduct electricity. Includes (2) 10-foot hoses. Replace inlet hoses after 5 years of use to reduce the risk of hose failure.
MSRP: $29.99
Part # 8212546RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 4 ft. water supply lines and 4 built-in o-rings.
MSRP: $10.99
Part # W10214580RP
Protect you washer and dryer with this tailored-shape cover that fitws most top-load washers and dryers. It helps protect against any laundry room environment. Prevents chips and scratches on surfaces. Cover is dust resistant, mildew resistant, and water resistant. It ties on bottom keep cover in place. Use for seasonal storage. Cleans with a damp cloth.
MSRP: $59.99
Part # 8212526
Tray fits under washing machine and prevents floor damage. Protects floor from scuffs, spills and overflows including laundry detergents and bleach. Includes a 1 in. PVC drain fitting, washer and lock nut, and installation instructions. Fits under Duet® , Duet Sport®, Epic®, and all top-load platforms. 29 1/4" x 31 1/4" outside dimensions. 27" x 29" is the usable size. The unit curves up after those dimensions.
MSRP: $37.99
Part # 8212638RP
Hose kit includes everything you need for easy water supply installation and fits most washers. Hoses provide hot and cold water to the washer with (2) 6 ft. water supply lines. These hoses are the most flexible choice for all washer applications and include a nylon braided protective bonded layer, a Hypro-Blue Steel anti-corrosive couplings, pre-installed high-quality EPDM washers, a large diameter for maximum water flow, and a space saving 90 degree elbow.
MSRP: $30.99
Part # 8212614
To ensure optimum dryer performance, it is recommend to regularly and thoroughly remove excess lint from the lint filter crevice. Using the dryer lint cleaning brush regularly can extend dryer life, lower utility bills, conserve energy, and reduce drying times.
MSRP: $12.99
Part # 1903WH
This rolling laundry supply cart stores easily between your washer and dryer. It contains three shelves for ample storage of detergents, softeners, stain-treaters, and other items you would like on hand while doing your laundry. Hardware is included with this item and it measures 8-1/4" x 25" x 30-3/4"
MSRP: $67.99
Part # W10135699
Affresh™ Washer Cleaner removes and prevents odor-causing residue that can occur in all brands of HE washers. While bleach only kills odor-causing bacteria leaving behind the detergent residue, Affresh™ Washer Cleaner uses surfactant chemistry to remove the root problem. Affresh™ cleaner is a formulated, slow-dissolve, foaming tablet that gets under residue, breaks it up, and washes it away leaving the washer smelling fresh and clean.
MSRP: $6.99

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Top Features

Best Cleaning In The Industry Enabled By The PowerWash® System2

This washer delivers the Best Cleaning in the Industry, enabled by the PowerWash® system. The PowerWash® system uses our unique PowerSpray technology, optimal dispensers and the PowerWash® cycle to help power out even the toughest stains.

PowerWash® Cycle

Using a combination of extra cleaning action and a thorough rinse, this cycle powers out tough stains and delivers the best cleaning in the industry. This model includes a built-in water heater, increasing wash temperatures to ensure better soil and stain removal.

PowerSpray Technology

Water and detergent are sprayed directly onto clothes early in the cycle for enhanced cleaning. This unique technology delivers enhanced cleaning performance by ensuring that detergent is evenly distributed throughout the load.

Additional Features

Optimal Dispensers

Optimal dispensers inject detergent and other additives at the correct time. This provides significantly better cleaning performance.

Cold Wash Cycle

This washer help power out tough stains using cold water and extra cleaning action. This means you get energy savings with the gentleness of cold water.

10-Year Limited Parts Warranty1 On Washer Motor And Basket

Built strong to last long—All new Maxima Series washers include a 10-year limited warranty on the washer motor and the stainless steel wash basket.

Maytag® Commercial Technology on Bravos XL®

Bravos XL® washers bring long-lasting, commercial-grade components into your home. Corrosion resistant springs and a newly designed wash impeller increase durability for less wear and tear from small items like coins, buckles or buttons.

Allergen Cycle

A washer cycle that has been proven to eliminate 95 percent of common allergens, such as dust mites and pet dander, from fabrics.

NSF Certified Sanitary with Oxi Cycle

Forgo bleach for a safer method of sanitization. When used with oxygenated additives, this cycle raises water temperatures to remove at least 99.9% of household bacteria.

Enhanced IntelliClean Impeller

Oxi Treat Stains Option

The Oxi Treat Stains option automatically dispenses stain-fighting additives into the wash cycle at the right time for maximum stain removal.

CEE Tier III Qualified

Based on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency qualified product listings--with Tier III being the most efficient. This model features advanced water & energy savings and may qualify for rebates from local utility companies.

SmoothClose™ Lid

Maytag brand's SmoothClose™ lid hinge design closes the washer lid slowly, helping with loading and unloading.

4.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity


Configuration and Overview

Fuel Type
ADA Compliant
CEE Tier Rating
Tier III (Highest Possible Efficiency Rating)
Capacity (DOE)
4.6 Cu. Ft.
Energy Star® Qualified

Style and Extras

Pedestal Options
Sound Package
Automatic Load Size Sensing Technology
Automatic Dispense System
Advanced Vibration Control
Hoses Included
Display Type
Cycle Indicator Lights
Eco Monitor
Control Type
Dials and Buttons
Wash Motor Description
Commercial Duty Infinite Speed Motor

Cycle and Options

Washer Cycle Selections
Active Wear, Allergen, Bulky Items, Clean Washer, Clean Washer with affresh, Cold Wash, Color/Towels, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Normal, Powerwash®, Rapid Wash, Rinse/Drain & Spin, Sanitize, Sheets, Soak, Whites
Number of Soil Levels
Number of Wash Cycles
Soil Selections
Extra Heavy, Heavy, Light, Medium
Maximum Spin Speed (RPM)
Number of Spin Speeds
Water Factor
Delay Start
Up to 12 hours
Temperature Combinations
Cold, Cool, Eco Cold, Hot, Warm


27 1/2
45 1/8
27 1/2

Product Dimensions

  • 27 1/2
  • 45 1/8
  • 27 1/2

Dimensions are for planning purposes only.
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Bravos XL® HE Top Load Washer with PowerWash® System 4.6 5 166 166
High Efficiency at its best. I replaced a front-loading HE washer of another brand that gave me nothing but trouble. My mom had her Maytag for 25 years before updating. I researched reliability as well as available features and performance. The capacity was a main selling point - we have a king bed and I was tired of sending the bedding out to the cleaners. The Bravos handles the king bedding easily, yet it also washes a few items just as well. The dispensers are easy to use and have not clogged or had a film in them, as my old washer did. The variety of cycles was something I did not think I needed, however, I do find myself using most of them. The "clean washer" notification is also handy for remembering this task. I am very happy with my purchase, an added bonus is that the whole family enjoys doing laundry now. Granite is beautiful, laundry room now being redecorated to look as well as Maytag washer. April 12, 2013
I'm very disappointed in this washer. I bought the set in November 2013, for the purpose of being able to cut down on the amount loads I do each week, as well as being able to wash king size comforters. It doesn't matter how few clothes I put in the washer they end up tangled up mess and sometimes the clothes get so tangled it unbalances the load. I feel like I'm doing a maze or some weird puzzle when I take my clothes out of the washer, there have been times I have pulled a ball og clothes out. Another issue, that was supposedly solved, is the water level or the lack of, I know it is an energy efficient washer, but this is ridiculous and I have to more loads because I can't put as many pieces in there like I'm supposed to be able to put in, I always use the bulky setting which supposedly has the highest water level and it still pretty low. I'm now stuck with a piece of expensive junk and will never buy Maytag again because of this washer. On a positive note; I like the dryer, it doesn't dry them any faster then the one I replaced that was 12 years old, but it does get them dry. January 30, 2014
I am very pleased with how this machine works. After 40 years of marriage & 2 Maytag washers I couldn't go with anything but a Maytag. My first Maytag was left to me by my mother in-law. It was an antique that lasted through 2 babies with countless diapers. She figured it was over 40 years old when it died. I bought a new Maytag washer that held up under countless washings of blue jeans, sweat shirts & insulated coveralls. I wanted new technology, so my son took my old washer & dryer for use in his mechanic shop where they continue to work. This new washer, I have no idea how it gets clothes clean but I'm impressed with how clean the clothes are & how dry they are when they come out of the washer. I've had the machine several months now & can not find one bad things to say. June 17, 2013
One man's take on laundry There are few things that a man can do that pleases his wife more than doing the laundry. Over the past 30 years I have done thousands of loads but it has never been enjoyable - at least until now. Recently we, that means I, bought a Maytag Bravos XL top load washer and the matching dryer. Wow! They are incredible. The clothes are cleaner, laundry take less time and uses less energy. They are whisper quite which is important since my business office is just down the hall from the laundry room and best of all their large capacity means fewer loads. Now, after all these years I can truly say that I enjoy doing laundry. April 22, 2013
Love my Bravos XL! I was not excited about getting a new HE washing machine but my old machine died. It was time. I knew going into this purchase I wanted a top load machine. I thought I'd miss my old style machine but I like that there is no agitator in the middle. I didn't see how it could clean well using so much less water but it does a great job. The key to success with these new HE machines: read the manual and follow the instructions. It works differently than the old style washers, but if you follow the instructions, it's foolproof. April 6, 2013
State of the art design and features This washer is beautiful. It has all the latest features that you would want or need. Very quiet operation. Cleaned clothes great! Plenty of capacity for big loads including my king size comforter. I did my due diligence on deciding which new washer to buy. Very pleased that I chose this Maytag Bravo XL MVWB950YG toploader for my home. Well worth the money spent and expect many many years of dependablity from the best name in washers in the business....MAYTAG. Stay lonely Maytag repairman !!! November 11, 2011
i would recommend There is only one issue I have and its a user issue. Be careful not to put bleach past the "line" in the cup, if you do the container will over flow when water comes in and spill down the sides and onto your floor. Other than that works great. I was concerned that a H.E washing machine would not work as well, but I have had no issues. Is very quiet. December 29, 2013
This product excells at what it does. This machine excells in almost all areas of performance. There was very little to do to install it right out of the box. It is well constructed and easily handles big and small loads. The cycles and refinement selections are easy to use and follow. So far in almost 5 months of use there have been no issues. The only drawback at this point is there is more sound than I expected. It is not so much that the sound is loud, but different and that makes it noticeable. However, we do not have a dedicated laundry room. This machine is located in close proximity to the kitchen, dinette area, and living room. Therefore any sound is noticeable. Overall I am extremely pleased with this machine and it has lived up to my expectations and more. October 25, 2012
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