Some call it best cleaning. I call it doing my job.

When the Maxima XL™ laundry pair ships from our plant in Clyde, Ohio,
it comes built with the best cleaning in the industry* enabled by the
PowerWash® System and Cold Wash cycle. Giving you a reliable clean,
day after day and load after load. We didn’t mind going beyond industry
standards to make sure you had the best. Because that’s just what we’re
made of.

*Among leading front load brands, comparable cycles and settings.

Maytag Commercial Technology

Maxima XL™ washers bring
long-lasting, commercial-grade
components that you can depend
on into your home. The pump
impeller and corrosion-resistant
springs and dampers are all built
to easily handle load after load,
week after week.

Optimal Dose Dispense

The Optimal Dose dispenser
stores enough detergent for up to
12 loads,** releasing the amount
each load needs for optimal
cleaning. It works in unison with
PowerSpray so the perfect mix of
detergent and water is sprayed
on clothes for better cleaning
performance while using less


**Based on 2X concentration
of HE detergent.

Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle

Wash and dry a small load of laundry right
in the washer***. Whether it's a last-minute
wardrobe change or a kid's jersey that has
to be ready first thing, you can sleep easy
while laundry practically does itself. Start
the Overnight Wash & Dry cycle before you
go to sleep, and clothes are ready to wear
the next morning.


***Based on a 2-lb load of lightweight fabrics, 12-hour cycle.

10-Year Limited parts Warranty on motor and wash basket†

Backed by a 10-year limited parts
warranty on the washer motor
and stainless steel wash basket†,
this washer delivers years of
dependable cleaning.

†See warranty for complete details.

Best Drying Performance††

Quad baffles and Advanced
Moisture Sensing combine for
quick and even drying to provide
the Best Drying Performance
available for large loads††.


††Among front load brands, based on equal
weighting of time and energy to reach a set
dryness level, 18-lb load, heavy duty cycle.

Steam-enhanced Dryer Cycles

Effectively relaxes wrinkles and
refreshes clothes with a fine mist
that's sprayed into the heated drum
as it tumbles to create steam that
penetrates fabric fibers. A guard
inside the drum helps to protect
fabrics from the spray nozzle.

Steam Simulated.
See What’s Inside that makes our Maxima xl™ so dependable