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6.7 cu. ft. Capacity Double Oven Induction Range with Speed Heat™ Element

Top Features

Induction technology

Induction brings the speed of a gas range to a cooktop that is sleek and easy to clean. It heats the pan, not the surrounding cooktop, which makes clean-up easier and is ultra-efficient too. Best of all, it delivers heat faster than traditional glass cooktops, so you'll have more time to enjoy the food you love.

Easy-to-clean cooktop

Put away the razor blades, harsh cleaners and elbow grease. With induction technology, spills on the cooktop no longer turn into the baked-on grime that plagues conventional glass cooktops. Induction cooks your food by heating the pan, leaving the cooktop cool enough to wipe away spills.

3,700-watt Speed Heat™ induction element boils water in half the time.

You want to rapidly heat a wok for high temperature stir-frying or boil water in half the time. The exceptional control you get with this Speed Heat™ element makes it all possible. It has the power to reach high temperatures quickly, and that gets dinner to the table faster.

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