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BASE MSRP: $1,599.00
Gemini® Double Oven Electric Stove with EvenAir™ Convection – 6.7 total cu. ft.

Top Features

10" 3,200-Watt Power™ Element (with Power Boost)2

Favorites will be sizzling before you know it with the 10" 3,200-watt Power™ element. With enough juice to sear a steak in 45 seconds3, it uses intense heat for added flavor during browning and sautéing.

EvenAir™ Convection

Load up this oven with all your baked goodies without worry about uneven cooking. A fan circulates air in the lower oven, providing a consistent temperature for uniform browning and baking, not to mention quicker roasting.

Gemini® Double Oven Range

Start the feast on time, every time and cook multiple dishes at different temperatures with two ovens in one. Flaky pies won't have to share the spotlight—or temperature—with the roast beef. Now you'll be able to join the family for dinner with everything done at the same time.

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