BASE MSRP: $1,749.00
Gemini® Double Oven Electric Stove with EvenAir™ True Convection – 6.7 total cu. ft.

Top Features

Favorites will be sizzling before you know it with the 10" 3,200-watt Power™ element. With enough juice to sear a streak in 45 seconds, it uses intense heat for added flavor during browning and sautéing.

When you need the power to transform everyday food into a tasty family meal, Power Preheat on Gemini® double oven ranges finishes preheating faster in either oven than full-size conventional ovens. Just dial in the degrees and let the convection element and bake and broil burner turn up the heat. With Power Vents moving air throughout the oven, you can count on Power Preheat for less waitin' and more eatin'.

EvenAir™ true convection uses powerful heating to bring out the finest flavors in every meal. A third high-watt element and fan help maintain even temperatures for consistent cooking with all the juices and flavors sealed in. Plus, it bakes and roasts up to 30% faster3, so you're always ready to bring tasty, crispy and juicy to the table.

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