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BASE MSRP: $399.00
2.1 cu. ft. Large Over-the-Range Microwave with WideGlide™ Tray

Top Features

Sensor Cooking

Sensor cooking adjusts to your dinner with ideal time and power settings for everything from large casseroles to pasta—so you can cook for the whole family without overheating.

WideGlide™ Tray

The WideGlide™ tray features an industry-exclusive rectangular design that fits the shape of the microwave. This gives your large casserole dishes space to move back and forth while cooking. It's large enough to hold a 10" x 15" pan without getting stuck in place like it would on a turntable.

Stainless Steel Cavity

We wanted to make a microwave with some real "mettle." That's why we added a stainless steel cavity to weather everyday wear. It's designed to resist stains and splatters, and engineered to outlast everyday dings and a decade of door slams and dropped dishes.

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