Maxima® High-Efficiency Electric Steam Dryer


Maxima® High-Efficiency Electric Steam Dryer

Top Features

Maytag® Commercial Technology

Our dryers are built to last thanks to the Maytag® Commercial Technology we put under the hood. They come standard with a durable motor and a 5-rib belt that keeps them humming along year after year.

Advanced Moisture Sensing

Advanced Moisture Sensing delivers even drying every time by keeping a keen eye on air temperatures and moisture levels, stopping the cycle right when clothes are dry.


Exceeding federal energy standards by 30%, these extra-efficient washers and dryers are rated Tier 3 by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (ECC) and help to save even more money on utility bills.

Colors & MSRP

Granite Granite MSRP $1,499.00

Colors & MSRP



MSRP  $1,499.00

Product Overview

Maxima® High-Efficiency Electric Steam Dryer

From America's #1 preferred laundry brand2 comes a premium laundry experience that keeps your household's clothes, fabrics and special items ready for daily life. Built with Maytag® Commercial Technology components including a high-performance motor, this 7.3 cu. ft. high-efficiency dryer uses 48% less energy when paired with a Maxima® washer3. The Advanced Moisture Sensing system helps evenly dry large, heavy loads1 and reduce the risk of shrinking while steam-enhanced cycles help relax wrinkles and refresh clothes. There's even a SoundGuard™ stainless steel dryer drum to quiet tumbling noise. Why do we put so much thought into your laundry? So you don't have to.

Additional Features

Steam Enhanced Cycles

SoundGuard® Stainless Steel Dryer Drum

With the SoundGuard® stainless steel dryer drum, we put a damper on the racket that buckles and buttons make as they bounce around the dryer. The drum is layered with sound-dampening material for quieter tumbling and fewer disturbances.

Steam Boost Option

The Steam Boost option adds a fine mist that is sprayed into the dryer during the cycle to create steam that helps smooth wrinkles. It may be added to most sensor cycles.


Configuration and Overview

ADA Compliant: Yes

Dryer Capacity (DOE): 7.40

Fuel Type: Electric

Amps: 30

Hz: 60

Volts: 240

Cycle and Options

Number of Cycles: 11

Cycles: Auto Refresh, Bedding, Custom Refresh, Delicates, Denim, Heavy Duty, Normal, Small Load, Timed Dry, Towels, Wrinkle Control

Options: Reduce Static, Steam Boost, Wrinkle Prevent

Temperature Selections: Air Only, Extra Low, High, Low, Medium

Moisture Sensor: Yes

Cycle Time Remaining: Yes

EcoBoost™/Energy Saver: No

Lint Filter Indicator: No

Maytag Commercial Technology Components: Motor and 5 Rib Belt


Stackable: Yes

Pedestal Options: Yes

Interior Light: Yes

Electronic Display Type: Cycle Indicator Lights with Digital Time Remaining

Drum Material: Stainless Steel

Drying Rack: Yes Not Included

Feedback-Status Indicators: Cool Down, Damp, Done, End of Cycle Signal, Steam, Wet

Dryness Levels Selections: Less, More, Normal

Number of Dryness Levels: 3


Width: 27

Depth: 29 1/2

Height: 38