Learn about PowerBlast®, the powerful dishwasher cycle from Maytag.

Power Off Stuck-On Food

Stuck-On Messes Need Maytag Power

Let Maytag handle the heavy-duty dish scrubbing with the PowerBlast® dishwasher cycle

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Three Forces at Work

Increased water temperatures break up tough messes

High-pressure dishwasher jets target stuck-on and smeared-on foods to clear them away

Dishwasher steam-cleaning gently washes off streaks and spots to finish the job

Hand Over the Dishes

Load up your heavily soiled pots, pans and dishes. Pair the PowerBlast® cycle with any feature option and this high-pressure dishwasher cycle will take on your toughest messes.

The PowerBlast® dishwasher cycle helps minimize prerinsing — so you don’t need as much elbow grease to cut
through cooking grease.

Increased water temperatures 

Helps break up the toughest, stuck-on messes.

High-pressure dishwasher spray jets

Blasts leftovers off those hard-to clean pots, pans and dishes.

Hot steam

Finishes the job with the dishwasher's steam-cleaning power so dishes are polished.

Get powerful cleaning with the PowerBlast® dishwasher cycle

Tired of washing your dishes after you wash your dishes? Maytag brand’s PowerBlast® dishwasher cycle uses increased water temperatures, high-pressure dishwasher jets and steam cleaning to blast off stuck-on food and leave your dishes sparkling. If you’ve got some heavy-duty messes, you can trust our dishwasher jets to spray away residue while this steam cycle polishes your dishes so they’re ready to go. Learn more about the powerful clean Maytag provides, then browse our dishwasher selection to find the right appliance for your kitchen cleanup.

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