Maytag is 2019's Sexiest Appliance Alive
Maytag man holding a nightie.

Dependability never looked so good.

From cooking a romantic dinner and doing the dishes every night, to doing the laundry even when it’s not laundry day. There’s nothing sexier than dependability and hard work.

Maytag man holding refrigerator contents.
Keeps things fresh,
always stays cool

Maytag was up all night,

but you’d never know it. This well-oiled machine is as fresh and crisp as the fruits and veggies in your morning smoothie.

Find a refrigerator that plays it cool.

Bring Sexy Home
Maytag man holding clothes.
Ready for laundry
day, any day

While you’re hard at work,

Maytag is too—being tough and powerful, but delicate when needed. Because sexy is performance you can count on.

Explore laundry that cleans up nice.

Bring Sexy Home
Maytag man holding a rack of lamb.
Dinner is
on Maytag

Is it hot in here, or is it just Maytag?

When this machine gets heated up, expect results you can count on.

Get a range that never lets the sizzle fizzle.

Bring Sexy Home
Maytag man scrubbing dirty dishes.
Does the dishes,
no questions asked

At the end of a long day,

Maytag knows what you want without having to ask. And what you want is Maytag tackling that pile of dirty dishes.

Explore dishwashers with serious skill.

Bring Sexy Home
Maytag man holding champagne flutes.

Maytag may not whisper sweet nothings,

but you can count on Maytag to chill in the kitchen, cook dinner and do the dishes, 24/7, 365.