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Resetting a Dishwasher with Control Panel Issues

You use your dishwasher regularly to clean up mealtime messes and rely on its power to get your dishes sparkling clean. So when your dishwasher doesn’t start, it can result in spending more time on post-meal cleanup. Resetting a dishwasher may be necessary if the start button was hit too many times in a row or if a cycle doesn’t begin when it’s supposed to. Some other common issues that may require dishwasher troubleshooting are an activated control lock, activated sleep mode, a selected delayed wash cycle, the door not being completely closed, a powered off water supply and the power needing to be cycled for resetting. 

Read on for more tips on how to restart a dishwasher and learn more about what you might be able to do if your dishwasher stops working.

Stainless steel dishwasher set into white cabinetry Stainless steel dishwasher set into white cabinetry

Where is the dishwasher reset button?

Dishwashers usually don’t have a dedicated reset button on the control panel. You can reset your dishwasher by unplugging it from its power source for one minute and then plugging it back in. If it’s hardwired to a power supply or the plug is not easy to access, turn off the breaker for the dishwasher on your home’s electrical panel and turn it back on after one minute.

Bad Dishwasher Control Board Symptoms

You may need to reset your dishwasher if the control lock or sleep mode is activated or if you’ve selected a delayed wash cycle. Other reasons for resetting a dishwasher are if the door is not completely closed or if the water and power supply have been cut off.

Control panel on stainless steel dishwasher Control panel on stainless steel dishwasher
Control lock activated icon


The control lock setting helps you avoid unintentional use or changes to cycle settings during the wash and it may prevent the dishwasher from working when you press Start. If the control lock is set, a light may flash when you press buttons on the control panel, depending on your model. Deactivate control lock mode by pressing and holding the Lock button for three seconds. Check your owner’s manual for exact instructions.

Sleep mode activated icon


Some dishwashers can go into sleep mode or standby, when they aren’t in use. Be sure sleep mode is deactivated by opening and closing the door or by pressing the Start/Resume or Cancel buttons. 

Delay wash option selected icon


The Delay Start option lets you load the dishwasher and add detergent, but then starts a cycle on its own later in the day. Dishwashers with this option may feature a delay indicator light or countdown on the display and once the delay wash option is selected, you’ll likely need to press the Start/Resume button within 30 seconds to start the countdown or the dishwasher may turn off. On certain models, you can cancel the delay wash option by selecting the delay button again, once the time indicator on the display is counting down. This should immediately start the dishwasher and the delay wash indicator light will switch off.

Unlatched door icon


An unlatched dishwasher may look like it’s closed, so make sure the dishwasher door latches completely before trying to start the cycle. If the door won’t latch, check to make sure the lower dish rack is installed correctly because a backwards dish rack can prevent the door from closing completely.

Power source disconnected icon


Your dishwasher is likely hardwired to an electrical connection rather than plugged into an outlet. Though hardwiring is less likely to come loose, the circuit breaker to your dishwasher may have tripped and needs to be reset. Locate your home’s electrical panel and identify the breaker switch connected to your dishwasher. Flip it into the “off” position for a few seconds, then back to the “on” position.

Shut off water supply icon


Dishwashers connect to a home’s water supply underneath the kitchen sink and, if the water supply knob is turned to the off position, may stall and not start properly. Check your dishwasher’s water supply by locating the metal water supply line underneath your kitchen sink, then following it to the knob at its base. Turn the knob counterclockwise to make sure the valve is open completely and water is flowing to your dishwasher. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for model-specific instructions.

Finger hovering over control panel on stainless steel dishwasher Finger hovering over control panel on stainless steel dishwasher

How to reset a dishwasher control panel 

Follow the steps below if your dishwasher buttons aren’t working or if you see the lights on it blinking. Exact steps may vary by make and model so be sure to check your owner’s manual.

How to Troubleshoot a Dishwasher Control Panel

Unplug the appliance icon
Step 1:

First press the “Cancel/Resume” button, which won’t be illuminated, then unplug the appliance from the outlet. If the plug is not accessible under the sink, then turn off the appropriate breaker.

Wait icon
Step 2:

Wait approximately 1 minute, plug the cord back into the AC outlet or flip the breaker back on.

Start a new cycle icon
Step 3:

Start a new cycle and check if the dishwasher is working properly. If not, contact Maytag® Repair and Replace Services or your manufacturer's service line.

How to Troubleshoot Blinking Lights on Dishwasher Control Panel

Your dishwasher may be blinking if the door was opened during the cycle or power was interrupted. Push the door closed firmly within 3 seconds of pressing the Start button to prevent this from happening. 

Lights may also blink on the control panel if the dishwasher was set for a Delay Start and the door was unlatched. The lights will stop blinking and the Delay Start cycle will begin after you’ve pressed the Start button and fully closed and latched the door within 3 seconds.

Dishwasher with door open showing washed dishes on racks Dishwasher with door open showing washed dishes on racks

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When to get your dishwasher serviced

If simple solutions like checking settings, verifying the water supply, resetting the dishwasher or securing the door latch don’t fix the problem, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a professional. Certified professionals can help you determine if your dishwasher won’t run due to more complex issues like a faulty drive motor or failing electrical components, and decide if a repair or replacement is in order. If you have a Maytag® dishwasher, make a Maytag® service appointment.

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