Silver, top-load washer and dryer pair from Maytag

Best Dryers from Maytag - 2022 Buying Guide

Maytag dryers are powerful and give you the performance you need to get the job done, but not every dryer type fits your family’s needs or home layout. So what are the best dryers for tackling your laundry loads? Use this dryer buying guide to find the best dryers Maytag brand has to offer and learn more about how to pick a dryer to buy. Browse by categories like electric or gas, front-load, top-load, energy efficient, large capacity or wrinkle reducing dryers.

Woman transferring clothes from white top-load MaytagⓇ washer to dryer

Our Best Electric Dryers

Maytag electric dryers are designed to dry your large loads. These dryers are quick to install and can include convenient features like the Extra Power button that helps prevent underdrying by extending time, heat and tumbling.1

Woman removing clothes from gray MaytagⓇ dryer

Our Best Gas Dryers

Get optimal drying for every load with Maytag gas dryers. You can count on adaptive features to get the job done right every time, like Advanced Moisture Sensing that helps evenly dry loads by monitoring moisture and air temperatures in the dryer drum.

White, top-load washer and dryer pair from Maytag

Our Top-Rated Dryers

Selected based on the reviews of Maytag customers, these fan-favorite Maytag dryers include front and top-load models with features that make it easy to tackle any load. Top-rated models from Maytag dry small loads fast with the Quick Dry cycle, and select models include smart features so you can manage your laundry from anywhere.

Gray MaytagⓇ front-load washer and dryer pair on pedestals

Our Best Front-Load Dryers

Complement your front-load washer with one of Maytag brand's best front-load dryers. These models feature controls on the front and can be stacked with a compatible washer to save space or lifted on pedestals for additional storage and more convenient loading.

White MaytagⓇ top-load washer and dryer pair in white cabinetry

Our Best Top-Load Dryers

These top-load dryers from Maytag are packed with all the drying power you’ll need for your large loads. Though all dryers load from the front, top-load dryers can create a cohesive aesthetic with an accompanying top-load washer and feature controls on the top back panel of the unit.

Blue clothes rotating in white dryer

Our Most Energy Efficient Dryers

Maytag brand's most energy efficient dryers let you do more laundry for less. These dryers are Energy Star® certified so you can conserve energy, save on your utility bills and help the environment without compromising on performance.

Person transferring towels from dryer to laundry basket

Our Largest Capacity Dryers

Built to take on big loads, Maytag® large capacity dryers are equipped with up to 7.4 cubic feet of capacity.

Close-up of dryer control panel

Our Best Wrinkle Reducing Dryers

These Maytag® dryers help stop wrinkles before they start with the Wrinkle Prevent option that tumbles clothes even after the cycle ends. Steam-enhanced models offer another option for wrinkle defense while helping refresh clothes and reduce static.


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1. Results may vary based on load size and type.