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From filters to vacuums, Maytag brings dependability to every corner of the house. Select your preference below, and you will be redirected to a licensed vendor.

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Maytag® Irons

Maytag® Irons

Maytag® vacuums

Maytag® Vacuums

Heating and cooling for Maytag

Maytag® Heating and Cooling

A Maytag® water treatment can help keep your water clean.

Maytag® water treatment


Fill your home with the dependability of Maytag Home Solutions with HVAC systems, irons, vacuums and more provided by Maytag's dedicated licensed partners. Maytag home solutions are designed to last, performing powerfully to help you manage more chores and efficiently run larger systems in your home – such as central heating and cooling. Learn how to incorporate our innovative home solutions into your everyday life.