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What Is Air Frying & Is It a Healthy Way to Cook?

Have you wondered what air frying is and how it works? When you use an air fryer, air is warmed up by a heating element and circulated rapidly through and around the food by a fan located most often in the top section of the cooking chamber. The hot air crisps and browns your food using little to no oil, which can make it a healthier alternative to cook your favorite fried foods. You can air fry using a dedicated appliance, an oven or microwave with convection cooking.

A woman pulling an air fry basket filled with fries and chicken wings out of the oven.

How Can You Air Fry in a Convection Oven?

By air frying in a convection oven, you can save space and reduce the need for another appliance. In order to air fry in a convection oven, you’ll need a basket tray to put your food in that allows for enhanced airflow. Be sure to space out the ingredients in the tray, so air can touch all sides of the food. Dishes in countertop air fryers and convection ovens usually cook 20° F to 25° F cooler than in conventional ovens, but you should always check cooking instructions before starting. Due to the larger size of a convection oven, it may take longer to air fry compared to a traditional air fryer so remember to keep a close eye on your food to see if it needs more or less time to brown.

Tips to Successfully Air Fry

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A little oil goes a long way

Air fryers require less oil than deep fryers and typically only need one to two tablespoons of oil compared to the usual four to six cups needed when deep frying. Air frying does not require the food to be submerged in the oil, making it a healthier alternative to deep frying.

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Space out your food in the air fry basket

Hot air needs to come in contact with the food in order to air fry. Make sure your food is placed in a single layer to allow for the air to circulate.

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Shake the air fry basket for enhanced crisping

To help get even results, make sure to shake the air fry basket occasionally while ensuring that your food stays in a single layer and remains spaced out to allow for proper air circulation.

Woman removing chicken wings from the air fry basket.

Is Air Frying a Healthy Alternative to Deep Frying?

The benefit of air frying is that it is a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods since it uses a fraction of the oil that is typically used when deep frying. Deep fryers caramelize and brown foods using concentrated streams of heated air to dry the surface promoting the cooking process that results in browning or caramelization. Air frying uses the combination of hot air and oil to promote caramelization or browning, but may only require one to two tablespoons of oil compared to the minimum of four to six cups used when deep frying.

Looking for inspiration on what to air fry? Maytag has you covered with a variety of delicious ideas to get you started.

Fries and chicken wings frying in the air fry basket in a Maytag® oven.

What Can You Air Fry?

With a convection oven that can air fry, like these Air Fry Ranges from Maytag, you can make more than fried foods, allowing you to create a variety of dishes. Beyond the usual categories such as meat and potatoes, you can also air fry vegetables, certain baked goods and pasta for a crispy and quick meal.

Things to Air Fry: 
There are many air fry recipes out there, so to help you get started here is an idea of what you can air fry. 

• Chicken wings
• Chicken tenders
• Brussels sprouts
• French fries
• Mozzarella sticks

Learn More About How Convection Ovens & Air Frying Work

Now that you’ve learned a little more about how air frying works, be sure to read on for more information on convection ovens and convection microwaves

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