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Why Is My Oven Not Getting Up To Temperature?

When you’re getting ready to cook in your oven and it won’t reach the proper baking temperature, it can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. There are a few common causes of an oven not heating, and finding the root of the problem will help to get your range back to performing its best. This guide explains common oven problems such as a worn out or dirty ignitor, a malfunctioning temperature sensor or simply a miscalibration of the appliance, and can help you determine possible solutions.

Learn possible reasons why your oven may not be heating up

Some causes of an oven not getting up to temperature are simple and can be fixed on your own, while others are more in-depth and will require the work of a professional. If you need to replace parts, check electrical connections or alter gas lines, schedule an appointment with a licensed technician.

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Is your oven not turning on?

If your oven does not turn on when you start it, the problem could be the ignitor, the gas connection or the electrical supply. To determine the exact cause, there are a few things you can check before proceeding with a repair. 

Your oven may not be heating up due to a dirty or faulty ignitor. Dirty ignitors simply need gentle cleaning to remove any buildup. Model-specific cleaning instructions can be found in your appliance care guide. If there is no buildup on the ignitor, it may be faulty and will need to be replaced by a licensed technician.

Another area to inspect is the electrical connection of your oven. Ovens need to be connected to a functioning grounded outlet with a dedicated circuit. Check the circuit breaker to rule out that a fuse has not been blown.

Once you’ve ruled out the ignitor and the electrical connection, your oven may not be heating because of an issue with the gas connection. First, verify that the gas valve is in the ON position. The valve can typically be found on the gas branch piping immediately after the piping comes through the wall or floor. If the valve is in the ON position and your oven still won’t heat up, the oven may need professional inspection.

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Is your gas oven not coming up to temperature?

When your oven is heating but not reaching the set temperature, there may be an issue with the temperature settings, temperature sensor or calibration. The solution to your oven’s heating problems could be checking to make sure your oven is set to the proper unit of measurement. If you are in an area that uses Celsius rather than Fahrenheit and your oven is set to Fahrenheit, the oven will only heat to the temperature in that metric. Consult your product manual for model specific instructions on changing the temperature settings of your oven.

If the temperature settings are correct, the next area to inspect is the temperature sensor. A temperature sensor is a thin tube typically located in the back of the oven. Small variations in the positioning of the sensor can significantly change your oven’s functionality. A sensor can malfunction if it has been bumped or moved and may be fixed by simply moving it back into place. Generally, you want to make sure the sensor is properly positioned at a 90° angle to the back of the oven. If correcting the position of the sensor hasn’t resolved the temperature problem, you may need to either replace the sensor or check your oven’s calibration. An improperly calibrated oven will not heat up correctly. Learn how to recalibrate an oven.

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Is your gas oven overheating?

An overheating oven has similar causes as an oven that does not get hot enough. It could be the temperature sensor, temperature settings or the calibration that is causing the overheating error. First, check that the sensor is in its proper position and move it into place if necessary. Then check that the oven is measuring temperature in the proper metric. If the sensor or the temperature settings aren’t the cause, you may need to recalibrate your oven. A licensed technician is recommended to give your oven a proper inspection and determine the solution.

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Is your oven not cooking evenly?

If you notice one half of your baking tray is browning more quickly than another, the oven is not heating evenly. This can be caused by over-stuffing the oven with baking trays, using dirty or discolored baking pans or by miscalibrating the appliance. Ovens need space for heat to circulate, so you should always allow about 2 inches of space around the baking pans and the oven walls. If a tightly packed oven is not the cause, inspect your baking dishes. Pans should be reflective, but they can become dirty or discolored due to food residue building up over time. You can either give your pans a deep clean or consider replacing them. If you’re still seeing uneven results, contact a repair technician as you may need to recalibrate the appliance.

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Should I repair or replace an oven that doesn’t heat up?

Whether you need to repair or replace your oven depends on the cause of the oven not heating up. If a repair will cost more than a new oven, or if your oven no longer fits your cooking needs, it may be time for an upgrade. Oven technology has advanced and today there are models with a variety of features and conveniences that your current model may not have. Maytag brand offers gas ovens with the Precision Cooking™ System for accurate baking and Power™ Burners to ensure even cooking.

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