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How Long Does a Washing Machine Take?

Laundry may seem like a time-intensive chore on days with long to-do lists, but it typically takes only an hour per load to wash your clothes. Use this article as a guide to better understand how long a washing machine takes to wash clothes to make laundry day feel more manageable. Select washing machines from Maytag brand offer smart features like Remote Start Schedule Wash to get your laundry started when you’re away from home. 

When choosing a wash cycle, always check the recommendations on your item’s care label.

Woman transferring laundry from a washing machine to a dryer Woman transferring laundry from a washing machine to a dryer

How Long is a Quick Wash Cycle?

Typically selected for small, lightly soiled loads, the Quick Wash cycle takes between 15–40 minutes to complete depending on the model and brand. Quick Wash Cycle uses shorter periods of more intense washing to clean items quickly. Overloading or washing a highly soiled load on Quick Wash may result in incomplete cleaning.

How Long is a Delicate Wash Cycle?

Depending on the brand and model, delicate wash cycles can take between 45–80 minutes to gently clean items like sweaters, blouses, lingerie or sheer fabrics. Consult your garment’s care tag to check for a recommendation for the “delicate” cycle.

Maytag® top-loading washer and dryer Maytag® top-loading washer and dryer

How Long Does a Normal Wash Cycle Take in a Top-Load Washer?

In a top-load washing machine, a normal wash cycle can take between 60–80 minutes to complete, depending on the brand and model. The wash cycle times for top load washers may vary slightly depending on the make and model of your washing machine. 

Maytag® front-loading washer and dryer in a laundry room Maytag® front-loading washer and dryer in a laundry room

How Long Does a Normal Wash Cycle Take in a Front-Load Washer?

Front-load washing machine cycle times can range between 60–80 minutes for a normal wash cycle; dryer cycle times may vary. Tightly packed clothes, unbalanced loads and excessive suds may also lengthen wash times.

Maytag® front-load washers help to take the effort out of cleaning with hard-working features like the Extra Power button that boosts stain-fighting performance on any wash cycle with a dual-temperature wash.

How Long Does a Sanitize Cycle Take to Finish?

A Sanitize cycle can take between 90–120 minutes to complete. Maytag® washers with the Sanitize cycle remove 99.9% of household bacteria1 with the hottest water temperature available, delivering thorough cleaning when you need it most.

1. Bacteria tested were K. pneumonia, P. aureginosa, S. aureus.

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