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One of the core principles of Maytag® appliances is that they are built to stand the test of time. And because true dependability speaks for itself, Maytag brand offers a 10-year limited parts warranty for major appliances built after 2017. If you have recently purchased or are purchasing a Maytag® appliance, review this guide for how to check your warranty.

A Maytag® microwave A Maytag® microwave

How long is a Maytag® appliance warranty?

Many post-2017 major kitchen and laundry Maytag® appliances come with a 10-year limited parts warranty as well as additional five-year limited warranties for specific models.

The length of a Maytag brand warranty for other major appliances will depend on your specific appliance and can be located by visiting the Maytag services site and searching for your model number. The corresponding owner’s manual will provide more information on your warranty.

What does the Maytag brand warranty cover?

The typical 10-year limited parts Maytag brand warranty covers parts and labor in the first year post purchase (date of delivery). After the first year has lapsed, Maytag brand will pay for a factory specified replacement for parts that are a) covered under the warranty; b) prevent your appliance from functioning; and c) existed when the appliance was purchased, for the remainder of the warranty.

A Maytag® washer and dryer A Maytag® washer and dryer

What parts or repairs are covered under a Maytag brand warranty?

The 10-year limited parts warranty covers important parts of your appliance. Examples of parts covered by this warranty include refrigerator compressors, dishwasher choppers, microwave magnetrons as well as cooktop burners and elements.

What is not covered under a Maytag brand warranty?

What a Maytag brand warranty does not cover will vary depending on your appliance and its warranty. However, owners should be aware of these common examples. Warranties will usually not cover non-instructional usage or improper installation or damage caused by the use of parts or accessories that are not under the Maytag brand. They will also not cover cosmetic damage or models whose original model/service numbers have been removed.

How do I find my Maytag brand model number and serial number?

To search for your Maytag brand model number and serial number, visit the Maytag services site for instructions. The location of your model number and serial number will vary depending on your appliance—whether it be a cooktop or a range, a dishwasher or a disposer—and this site will help you identify possible spots.

A kitchen outfitted with Maytag brand appliances A kitchen outfitted with Maytag brand appliances

How do I submit a warranty claim?

To submit a Maytag brand warranty claim, visit the Service & Support Owners Center site or call the customer service number at 1-800-344-1274.

How do I schedule Maytag® appliance repairs?

You can speak to a representative via telephone or chat box. Once you have purchased a Maytag® appliance, register your product at the Service & Support Owners Center site to help streamline scheduling service for your appliance as well as provide common troubleshooting tips that might help you fix the issue.

Does Maytag brand offer extended warranty plans?

Despite the high-quality craftsmanship and performance of Maytag® appliances, they can occasionally experience a breakdown. For ease of mind, you may want to add additional protection on to your 10-year limited parts warranty. The Maytag Service Plan is an extended service plan that offers food spoilage protection as well as payment plan options.

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