White Maytag® front load washing machine

How To Install a Front-Load Washer

If you’re wondering how to install a new front-load washing machine, you can use this guide to get an idea of what’s involved. Model-specific installation instructions vary depending on the brand, so be sure to consult your product manual as your primary source of information.

Watch this video and learn how to install a front load washer from Maytag brand appliance experts.

White Maytag® front load washing machine White Maytag® front load washing machine

Can I hook up a front load washing machine myself?

You don’t always need a professional to install a new washer. As long as you have the correct hookups, you can tackle this installation yourself. However, you'll need the written installation instructions in your product manual and a second person to help move this heavy machine into place. 

If you don’t have hookups in your desired washer location, contact a professional to help get your laundry space up and running.

Slate gray Maytag® front loading washer and dryer Slate gray Maytag® front loading washer and dryer

Time Needed to Install a Front Load Washer

Installing a front-load washer yourself may take longer than if you hired a service technician to assist in the installation. Professionals can typically install a new washer in an hour, while it may take more than an hour to do it yourself.

Supplies Needed

  • Level

  • Bucket

  • Flashlight

  • Tape measure

  • Hot and cold water hoses with flat washers

Tools Needed

  • 1 ¾" pliers

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Utility knife

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Step 1. Remove packaging

Using your utility knife, carefully cut the plastic packaging and ties off of your washer. With the help of another person, tilt the washing machine to remove packaging from the bottom of the appliance. Tilt the machine back to a standing position and open the washer door to remove any packaging, supplies or product literature from the inside.

Wrench icon

Step 2. Locate and remove transport bolts

Typically, the transport bolts can be found on the back of the machine in each of the four corners. Using your wrench, remove the bolts and plastic spacers and discard them. Remove the power cord from its storage at the back of the machine. 

NOTE: Do not plug in your washer until the installation is complete.

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Step 3. Connect the drain hose

Fasten the drain hose in place using your wrench. There should be a metal clamp on the elbow of the drain hose. Center the clamp on the ribs of the hose and use your pliers to squeeze the clamp onto the drain hose to secure it into place. Then, place your drain hose into the standpipe or over the side of a laundry tub.

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Step 4. Connect water hoses and clear the water lines

Insert the flat washers into the coupling on each water hose. Some washer tubing will come with flat washers already installed. Attach the hot water hose to the hot water faucet and secure it in place by tightening the coupling with a wrench. Repeat this step for the cold water hose. Once the hoses have been secured, run water for a few seconds through the hoses into a laundry tub, drainpipe or bucket. 

After you have cleared the water lines, connect the water hoses to the machine, securing each coupling with a wrench.

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Step 5. Level your machine

Place the level on top of your washer. If the machine is unlevel, tip the machine with the help of a friend and adjust the leveling feet using your wrench. Make adjustments to the leveling feet until your washing machine is level, then turn on the water supply.

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Step 6. Plug in your machine

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, your washing machine should be ready to use. Plug the power cord into a grounded, three-prong outlet and position the appliance into place, then run a test wash cycle to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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