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How to Hook Up & Install Maytag® Steam Dryers

If your new dryer has a steam option, it will need access to water in the same way a washer will. Even so, you don’t always need a professional to install a new steam dryer in place of an old one. As long as you have the appropriate hookups, it’s a task you can tackle on your own. However, before you begin, you'll need the written installation instructions that accompanied your product and a second person to help move this heavy machine into place. If you don’t have hookups in your desired dryer location, contact a professional to help get your laundry space up and running.

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Tools and Supplies You’ll Need to Hook Up Your Maytag® Steam Dryer

Here are the tools and supplies you’ll need to hook up your new Maytag® Steam Dryer.

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • #2 Phillips head screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers
  • Level
  • Vent clamp
  • Water hoses
  • Y-connector
  • Towel


How to Install a Dryer with a Steam Hookup

You can tackle installing your steam dryer hookup on your own in a relatively short period of time with the right tools and supplies. For a step-by-step guide of how to connect a steam dryer, follow the steps below. Be sure to review your dryer’s installation instructions for more details and features unique to your dryer.

Step 1: Turn off your cold water line

Turn off your water line at the wall, then disconnect your washer’s cold water inlet from the wall using your adjustable wrench. Make sure you’re turning off the cold water line as you will not need the hot water line for your Maytag® Steam Dryer to function.

A water inlet hose being detached from a washer

Step 2: Disconnect your washer’s cold water inlet

Next, disconnect the water inlet from your washer. If you’ve used the washer previously, there may be water in the hose that you’ll need to drain or dry with your towel before proceeding.

Step 3: Disconnect the vent exhaust from your dryer

If you’ve previously used your steam dryer without steam, you’ll need to disconnect the vent exhaust before you hook up the water line.

A man attaches a water inlet hose to a cold water inlet

Step 4: Connect the short cold water hose to the water line

Next, attach the short water hose included with your steam dryer to the wall. 

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Shop Maytag® Steam Dryer Hose Kits

Your new steam dryer should include a hose kit, but you can also purchase new or replacement Maytag® Steam Dryer Hose Kits online.

A y-connector for water inlet hoses

Step 5: Attach the y-connector to the water hose

Once the water hose is connected to your water inlet, connect the free end of the hose to your y-connector. The y-connector splits the water flow between your washer and steam dryer.

The water inlet hose is attached to a steam dryer

Step 6: Hook up the water inlet hoses

After the inlet hose is secured to the y-connector, connect the two remaining inlet hoses to it. Then, attach one inlet hose to your washer and the other to your steam dryer.

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Confirm that all your hose connections are secure using your adjustable wrench before turning the water on.

The vent exhaust is secured to a dryer

Step 7: Secure the vent exhaust to your dryer

Secure your dryer’s vent exhaust once the water inlet hose is in place. Tighten the vent clamp using your flat head screwdriver or #2 Phillips head screwdriver depending on the brand, until it's secure.

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If you need more room to connect the vent exhaust to your steam dryer, a Maytag® Steam Dryer Rear Vent Extension can help you get more space for your vent exhaust.

A Maytag® Dryer is leveled

Step 8: Level your dryer

After your dryer’s vent exhaust is secured, slide it into place. You should get help from another person while moving your dryer due to its weight.


Next, check to make sure your dryer is balanced using your level. Be sure to check that your dryer is level by placing the level both side-to-side and front-to-back on top of your dryer. Once your dryer is level and in place, it’s ready to use.


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If your dryer isn’t level, prop it up using a wood block and adjust the feet.

Do You Have to Hook Up Water to a Steam Dryer?

Many functions on your Maytag® Steam Dryer will work without the dryer being hooked up to water, but cycles specific to steam dryers will not function as intended.

Do I Hook Up Hot or Cold Water to a Steam Dryer?

It is recommended that you only use cold water for Maytag® Steam Dryers.

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If you frequently wash shoes or delicate clothing like sweaters that shouldn’t be tumble dried, consider attaching a Maytag® Steam Dryer Drying Rack to your dryer.

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