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How to Wash Dog Blankets in the Washer

Your dog is a member of the family, and their blankets need to be washed regularly just like yours do. Pets tend to create tough stains and odors on their bedding and keeping them clean can help prevent these messes from settling into the fabric. Use the following guide to learn how to wash dog blankets in the washing machine so you can keep your dog’s bed looking and smelling fresh. Learn how to wash other large or smelly dog items, like dog beds in your washer.

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Can I wash my dog blankets in my washing machine?

Yes, you can use your washing machine to keep your dog’s blankets and bedding in good condition depending on the fabric and filling. Always follow the laundering instructions on the fabric care tag before you wash any dog blankets to prevent damage to the fabric.

Washing Machine for Pet Hair

Chances are you’re familiar with the never-ending fight against pet hair, especially on your dog’s favorite blanket. While you can wash dog blankets in most washing machines, the Maytag® Pet Pro washer is built to trap and remove pet hair, streamlining your laundry process. Load your dog blankets or other items, then just select the Pet Pro option. This option unleashes additional water and a deep rinse to activate the built-in Pet Pro Filter, which lifts and captures pet hair to remove 5x more of it.* 

These features help simplify washing dog blankets, dog clothesdog toys or even your own pet hair-covered clothing. Pair this washer with a Maytag® Pet Pro Dryer featuring an XL lint trap that traps and removes additional pet hair for a complete laundry solution for pet parents.

Clothes inside a top loading Maytag® Pet Pro washing machine Clothes inside a top loading Maytag® Pet Pro washing machine

Washing Dog Blankets in a Washing Machine

Most blankets used in dog kennels, beds or crates that frequently come into contact with your pets can be washed in a regular washing machine, though there may be a few extra steps. Always check the care label on your blanket before washing to be sure. Use the following step-by-step instructions to help you get your dog blankets fresh and clean. Learn how to wash dog collars in the washer as well.


  • Lint roller

  • Dryer sheets
  • Laundry detergent
  • Stain remover
  • Soft-bristled brush


Lint roller Lint roller

Step 1: Remove excess pet hair

Before you wash your dog blankets, you’ll want to remove excess dog hair if using a regular washing machine. There are a few methods that help to remove pet hair, including using a lint roller, rubbing the fabric with dryer sheets or throwing the blanket in the dryer before sending it through a wash cycle. Be sure to clear out pet hair from your dryer lint trap after this step.

You can skip this step when using the Maytag® Pet Pro System featuring a washer and dryer both designed to trap and remove pet hair. Just select the Pet Pro option when washing and drying dog blankets.

Person adding detergent to a top loading Maytag® washing machine Person adding detergent to a top loading Maytag® washing machine

Step 2: Pretreat stains and prepare blankets for washer

Dog blankets come into contact with a variety of messes that can leave stains and odor. It’s a good idea to pretreat stains before they go into the washing machine for optimal cleaning. Be sure to consult the fabric’s laundry care label before you begin preparing the blankets for washing. Here are some tips that may help when cleaning certain pet messes.

  • Urine stains: Rinse the stain with cold water and spot treat it with a stain remover formulated to remove urine odors. 

  • Feces/vomit stains: Scrape off any solid matter from the blanket, then rinse with cold water and treat it with a pet stain remover. Do not rub the stain.

  • Mud/dirt stains: Scrape away any clumps of dirt, then pretreat the stain with laundry detergent. Gently scrub the area with a soft-bristled brush.

A washer with a built-in faucet can help you spot treat, rinse or soak items like dog blankets or clothes that need a little extra attention right at the washing machine.

Pet blankets inside a dryer Pet blankets inside a dryer

Step 3: Wash and dry the blankets

Place your pet’s bedding inside the washing machine. If you have enough dog blankets to create a balanced load, wash the blankets separately from your personal laundry. If you are only washing one blanket, you may want to throw in items like towels or rags to keep the machine balanced during the wash cycle. Load the blankets evenly in the machine to avoid bundling or tangling. If you’re using a top-loading machine, place the blanket loosely around the agitator or impeller to keep the load balanced.

Select a bulky wash cycle using the hottest water temperature permitted by the instructions on the blanket’s care label. Before transferring blankets into the dryer, inspect them for any lingering stains. If stains are found, repeat pretreatment and run the blankets through another wash cycle.

Choose a dryer setting per the blanket’s care tag. If none is present and you’re not sure about the material type, opt for a gentle, low heat cycle to avoid shrinking or other damage to your dog’s favorite blanket.

How often should you wash dog blankets?

It is typically recommended that you wash your dog’s bedding every 1–2 weeks. If your dog tends to track in messes from outside or is a breed known to shed a lot of hair, you may want to wash the blankets more frequently. 

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Conquer pet hair like a pro with the Maytag® Pet Pro System. The built-in Pet Pro Filter in the washer removes 5x more pet hair,* while the XL lint trap in the dryer traps and removes additional pet hair. From washing dog blankets, to your favorite black T-shirt that’s always covered in pet hair, the Maytag® Pet Pro System works together as a complete laundry solution for pet parents.

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*Comparing Normal cycle with Pet Pro Filter and option to cycle using traditional agitator without Pet Pro Filter and option. Results will vary based on fabric and type of pet hair.