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What is a large capacity dryer?

Large and extra large capacity dryers offer more room inside for tumble drying clothes and can more easily handle heavy or bulky items. Though there is no one definition of what qualifies as large capacity, gas and electric dryer models generally range from around 7.0 cubic feet to around 9.0 cubic feet. To give you an idea of what this means, Maytag® 7.0 cubic foot dryers can handle around 5 hand towels and 13 bath towels per load, while Maytag® 8.8 cubic foot dryers can help you tackle around 21 bath towels at once.


If you’re shopping for large dryers to take on your biggest loads, look for the capacity listed with each model so you can find the ideal size for your needs. Make sure to also check the overall dryer dimensions for the right fit inside and out.

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What are the benefits of large capacity dryers?

If you frequently wash large loads of laundry or want to tackle bulky items like a king-sized comforter at home, a large capacity dryer can help you keep up—and save you trips to the laundromat. Compared to an average-sized dryer, a larger drying drum allows big loads or bulky items to tumble with more airflow which can result in faster drying. Some larger dryers, including models from Maytag, feature an extra interior fin that creates a random tumbling pattern and keeps clothes moving freely for less tangling and exceptional drying performance. This means you can dry larger loads all at once with potentially shorter drying times compared to a crowded dryer with a smaller capacity. Wash sleeping bags, fiberfill pillows, or fabric rugs at home with a large capacity dryer.

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What are some features of large capacity dryers?

Dryer cycles, settings and features can also boost your drying performance when tackling bulky items and large loads that may contain mixed fabrics. Look for a dryer with a moisture sensing system that can monitor inside moisture and sometimes air temperatures as well to help evenly and completely dry large and bulky loads. Many dryer models feature 1, 2, or 3 moisture sensors but a few on the market today feature a fourth sensor to ensure accurate drying on tough loads. Features such as the Extra Power button from Maytag target thick fabrics, pockets, hems and seams by extending time, heat and tumbling.1


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What types of large capacity dryers are available?

Large capacity dryers come in both gas and electric variants so you can choose the heat source that’s right for you and your home. Before you purchase a large capacity gas or electric dryer, it’s important to compare both types so you get the best option for both your laundry set up, and your drying needs. If you need a dryer that offers fast, versatile installation, consider a large capacity electric dryer. If your home is equipped with gas dryer hookups and you’re looking to save on electricity costs, a large capacity gas dryer may be the right choice for you. Learn more about gas vs electric dryers to help you choose. You can also find both gas and electric Energy Star certified dryers in larger capacities to help save on energy costs in addition to the time you may save by washing more items at once in a large-capacity dryer.


Top load large capacity dryers

If you have a top load washing machine or plan to purchase one, choose from these dryers to match. All models are available in both gas and electric. Dry your largest loads quickly and evenly with this steam-enhanced 8.8 cubic foot dryer from Maytag. This high-efficiency dryer helps you finish laundry with Advanced Moisture Sensing Plus, an extra interior fin for better tumbling and the Extra Power button to boost drying power on any cycle with added dry time1.

Front load large capacity dryers

If you are opting for a front-load washing machine, these large capacity dryer options from Maytag may be a good match. You can find each of these models in both gas and electric. This 7.3 cubic foot model from Maytag features an industry-exclusive extra moisture sensor. It also features the Extra Power button to help get thick fabrics, pockets, hems and seams drier the first time.1 This feature helps prevent underdrying mixed loads by adding extra time to any cycle. Smart-capable features let you monitor and control the dryer when you’re away from home to help you manage laundry from anywhere.2

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1. Results may vary based on load size and type.

2. Connected Subscription may be required. Appliance must be set to remote enable. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at maytag.com/connect.