Learn how to read wash care symbols.

What are your Laundry Symbols telling you?

How to Decode Your Clothing Care Symbols

These symbols can be a little confusing. What do those lines and dots mean and how do you use them to keep clothes looking their best? We have some tips to help you decode these washing symbols to make laundry day less complicated.

First, check your clothing label to find your fabric information followed by a series of symbols. Be careful to distinguish between the washing and drying symbols. 

To make it easy, the guide below, breaks down the most common clothing care symbols — from washing to drying, dry cleaning and even ironing.





Laundry Symbols & Laundry Cycles

Now that you’re a pro at recognizing clothing care symbols, check out the features that can help you tackle load after load. Maytag® washers and dryers come with a variety of cycles and options for different load types. When you pair your new laundry-symbol knowledge with these cycles, you've got one powerful way to take on laundry day.

And for even more ways to get the most out of laundry day, read about the types of detergent that are best for your loads.

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