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Why is My Dryer Squeaking? 6 possible causes

The sound of a squeaking dryer can be concerning, and narrowing down the source of the noise can feel daunting. A squeaking dryer may mean that a minor or major repair is needed, or in some cases, an upgrade to a new unit is necessary. Pinpointing whether the noise is coming from the bottom, front or back of the unit can help determine the cause. Check out the common causes of a dryer making noise below, and find out when and how to fix a squeaky dryer yourself, or when it might be time to call a professional.

Causes of a Loud Noise from Your Dryer

There are a few common causes of a loud squealing noise, whether you have a gas or electric dryer. It’s normal for parts to wear out from continued use, and it isn’t necessarily dangerous. Luckily, most new parts are relatively easy to track down and install.

Bottom-front half of white Maytag® dryer. Bottom-front half of white Maytag® dryer.

Squeaking Noise Coming from the Bottom of the Dryer

Noises coming from the bottom of the dryer could require a repair and can stem from minor causes like loose dryer legs to more serious issues like a worn out motor. 

To narrow it down, a common first step may include checking that the dryer legs are level and tightened. Leveling the dryer legs involves placing a leveler on top of the dryer turned from front to back, then side to side, and adjusting the legs until the leveler reads that they’re even.

If dryer legs are level, the next steps may include tightening the legs by pulling the dryer away from the wall, tilting it back, securing it with a support object and tightening the dryer feet with a wrench. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the dryer manufacturer or a professional for help finding out if loose or unlevel dryer legs are the source of the squeak. You can reach the Maytag customer care center at 800-344-1274. If loosened legs don’t seem to be the problem, keep troubleshooting by considering the other common causes of a squeaking dryer listed below.

Top-front half of white Maytag® dryer. Top-front half of white Maytag® dryer.

Screeching Noise from the Front of the Dryer

When screeching noises come from the front of the dryer, it’s likely that you’ll hear the sound originating from the front-right side. This often stems from a worn-out idler pulley, which puts tension on the dryer’s drum belt to prevent it from slipping off during a cycle. 

Accessing and changing your dryer’s idler pulley can be a straightforward but extensive process. When the idler pulley doesn't rotate smoothly, it usually means the part needs to be replaced.

For help with assessing your dryer's idler pulley, contact your dryer manufacturer or a professional. You can reach the Maytag customer care center at 800-344-1274. If your idler pulley needs replacing, you can browse Maytag® idler pulley parts here or visit your local hardware store for compatible parts.

Top half of back of white Maytag® dryer. Top half of back of white Maytag® dryer.

Loud Screeching Noise from the Back of the Dryer

The back of the dryer houses a variety of components that could wear out, so it tends to be the most common source of a dryer making a loud screeching noise. In the back you’ll find the dryer’s drum bearings and roller shaft, which both support the drum and allow it to turn smoothly. Noise from the back of the unit may indicate a faulty drive belt, which wraps around the dryer drum to help it spin and can become loose or worn over time.

Screeching noises could also come from the support rollers - small wheels that sit on the roller shaft and hold the dryer drum in place - or the drum glides, which help the drum move smoothly and quietly throughout the cycle.

Dryer drum icon


Drum bearings are located in the center of the back wall inside the dryer cabinet and support the rear of the drum as it tumbles. Bearings that show visible signs of wear should be replaced.


Contact your dryer manufacturer or a professional for more help determining if drum bearings are the source of your dryer’s screeching. 

Dryer idler pulley icon


Roller shafts look like small rolling pins inside the dryer, and are located on either side of the back wall of the dryer cavity. Roller shafts with build-up, scratches or dings can cause a squeaking sound, and it usually indicates that it’s time for the parts to be replaced.


For more help deciding if roller shafts are to blame for unwanted dryer noises, contact your dryer manufacturer or a professional. 

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Dryer drive belts wear out over time and may display signs of fraying, cracking or breaks that lead to loud squealing noises from the dryer. The drive belt wraps about the outside center of the drum and, when it breaks completely, may lead to a rattling noise as the motor runs but the dryer drum doesn’t turn.


For more help deciding if your dryer’s drive belt needs replacing, contact your dryer manufacturer or a professional.

Dryer roller icon


Dryer drum glides create a smooth barrier between the outer rim of the front of the drum and the dryer door. Aside from screeching, signs of worn dryer glides may include grinding noises, brown spots on clothes or clothing catching between the drum and dryer door. If one drum glide shows signs of wear, it means that both drum glides need to be replaced.


Contact your dryer manufacturer or a professional for help determining if your dryer’s drum glides are causing a loud screeching sound or need replacing.

For more help narrowing down the cause of loud squeaking noises coming from a Maytag® dryer, contact the Maytag customer care center at 800-344-1274.

A Squeaking Dryer Needs Repairing or Replacing

Whatever the cause of your dryer’s noise making, you can be certain that screeching or squeaking from the dryer means that it’s time for a further inspection, repair or an entirely new unit. If your washer is squeaking too, or if your washer is shaking, learn what to do to stabilize or fix it. If you’re ready for an upgrade, explore these Maytag® dryers to find the right fit.

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