Range with door open and food inside.


Freestanding ranges, sometimes called stoves, combine an oven and a cooktop into one appliance. For twice the cooking convenience, choose a double oven range for your home.


Fit your kitchen and cooking style with both gas and electric options.


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Wall Oven


Wall ovens are built into your kitchen cabinetry, typically 27 or 30 inches wide.


Allows for installation at a comfortable height.


Options available for single ovens, double ovens or microwave and oven combinations.


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Maytag cooktop


30" and 36" cooktops can be installed in almost any counter for a flexible kitchen layout.

Pair with a wall oven for a streamlined custom look.

Fit your kitchen and cooking style with both gas and electric options in 4- or 5-burner layouts.

Model shown: MMV5227JZ

Microwave oven from Maytag


Look forward to leftovers with Maytag® microwaves that can crisp,3 brown and bake. With a range of capacities and settings like the Dual Crisp feature, sensor cooking and convection mode, these microwaves can handle whatever’s for dinner.


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Get crispy results3 with an extended cycle that combines broiler-like, top-down heat with microwave cooking power.

The Brown function adds a crunchy layer to the top of food using direct heat without microwave cooking power.

Sensor cooking adjusts to your dinner with ideal time and microwave power settings for everything from large casseroles to pasta.

Create delicious meals with Maytag cooking appliances

Whether you are crafting a four-course dining experience or simply need to whip up a quick snack, Maytag cooking appliances provide the dependability you need to get food on the table. Outfit your kitchen with Maytag cooking configurations, including freestanding ranges, wall ovens, cooktops and microwaves. Our appliances boast innovative features to make preparing meals easier than ever. Try the Power Preheat and the Power element for a slow, even saute and the intense heat for a seared, juicy steak, or the Precision CookingSystem to bake and broil food evenly, sealing in the flavors. Shop Maytag cooking appliance options, and begin creating delectable dishes in your kitchen today.

1 Compared to traditional thermal-bake ovens.
2 Available on 27" and 30" double and single wall ovens. See product specifications for minimum and maximum dimensions. Fits cabinet cutouts from 26-15/16" to 29-7/16" for 27" and 30" single wall ovens. Fits cabinet cutouts from 48-7/8" to 52-3/16" for 27" and 30" double ovens. Visit maytag.com/fitsystemlimitedguarantee for complete details.

3 Degree of crisp will vary depending on food thickness and type.