Downdraft Range Hoods

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Model #: UXD8636DYS
MSRP $1,249.00
Model #: UXD8630DYS
MSRP $1,149.00

Choose a retractable downdraft vent hood from Maytag to discreetly clear the air

Choose a vent system that blends seamlessly into your kitchen with retractable downdraft range hoods. Though Maytag® downdraft vent hoods can be installed anywhere, they are ideal for cooktops or ranges built-in to an island, where duct work through the ceiling may be inconvenient. The low-profile design keeps smoke and steam out of the air without obstructing the layout or design of your kitchen, and the ability to raise the hood means you’re able to draw contaminants out of the air close to the surface of cookware. Browse downdraft hood models with touch-activated telescoping, centrifugal fans that move air quietly, and powerful blower motors that clear the air quickly to find the right size and features for your kitchen.