Single Oven Ranges

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  • Gas
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  • Auto Convect Conversion (2)
  • Power Burner (1)
  • Power Preheat (2)
  • Power™Element (1)
  • Shatter-Resistant Glass (2)
  • True Convection with Third Element (2)
  • Electric (4)
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Model #: MGR8800FZ
MSRP $1,199.00
MSRP $1,649.99

Opt for a simplified cooking experience with Maytag® single oven stoves

Our dependable single oven range is perfect for the home cook who prefers straightforward meal management. Maytag® ranges offer the Precision Cooking™ System, Power™ Burner, max-capacity racks and other premium features that help you simplify meal preparation with consistent, delicious results. When you need to replace outdated appliances without overhauling your kitchen, freestanding single oven stoves offer an easy solution. If you want a powerful and dependable gas or electric single oven range, choose Maytag.