Black Range Hoods

Looking for a range hood that will get the job done while looking good? Maytag® black range hoods do just that with vented and non-vented options.


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Types of Black Range Hoods for Every Kitchen

When it comes to range hood options for your kitchen, choose from island canopy, retractable downdraft, under-the-cabinet and wall canopy hood types. Under-the-cabinet range hoods from Maytag are a great option when looking for a modern black range hood. Like the name suggests, under-the-cabinet range hoods are installed under cabinets, creating a stylish design and an effective ventilation system. A common type of range hood is the wall canopy range hood. Wall canopy range hoods can be attached to the wall directly above your cooktop, venting vapor and odors to the outside through an exterior wall behind it. 


Island canopy range hoods suspend from your ceiling directly above an island cooktop or range. They resemble the design of wall-mounted range hoods and are great for kitchens with islands. For those looking to save space, retractable downdraft range hoods can be an ideal solution, with the ability to hide away at the back of your cooktop until you’re ready to use it. Retractable downdraft range hoods pull grease and steam downward instead of upward like traditional range hoods. 

Black Range Hood Ventilation 

Another important step in buying a new black range hood is deciding between vented, non-vented or convertible venting options. Vented range hoods, also known as ducted range hoods, use ductwork to vent air outside of the home—through your ceiling with an island canopy hood type or through your wall for other hood types. Non-vented range hoods, also known as duct-free or recirculated range hoods, use a charcoal filter to clean and recycle the air from your cooktop. The charcoal filters usually need to be cleaned twice a year or more depending on your cooking habits. Convertible range hoods are hoods that can be converted from ducted to duct-free hoods using a recirculating kit. These can give you more flexibility if you decide to change from a ducted hood to a duct-free hood. Regardless of which black range hood type you choose, you’ll need to factor in how many BTUs of cooking power come from the cooktop or range below it, which will help determine the appropriate size range hood. 

Black Range Hood Sizes

When deciding what size black range hood you need, use your range or cooktop for reference. Range hood sizes should match the width of your range or cooktop and are typically 30 or 36 inches wide. Maytag brand offers 30 inch black range hoods for your kitchen.