Stainless Steel Range Hoods

Discover Maytag brand’s full lineup of range hoods and choose between 36 inch and 30 inch stainless steel range hoods. Maytag brand offers a wide selection of stainless steel range hood types along with vented and non-vented hood options.


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Types of Stainless Steel Range Hoods for Every Kitchen

Maytag offers a wide variety of stainless steel range hood types including island canopy, retractable downdraft, under-the-cabinet and wall canopy. Island canopy range hoods are perfect for those with kitchen islands. While they resemble the design of wall-mounted hoods, they’re designed to go above your island cooktop and hang from the ceiling. Searching for a discreet ventilation system or have limited overhead space? The retractable downdraft system is a great option, as it hides away at the back of your cooktop until you’re ready to use it. This ventilation system pulls any smoke or steam downward and away from your cooking area as opposed to other range hoods that pull fumes toward the ceiling. 


Another stainless steel range hood option is the under-the-cabinet style, a popular choice thanks to its stylish design and effective ventilation. Under-the-cabinet range hoods are installed under cabinets that are located right above the cooktop. Lastly, wall canopy range hoods attach to the wall directly above your cooktop. Any cabinets currently in this space can be removed to make room for this range hood, which can vent vapors and odors from your kitchen to the outside through an exterior wall behind it. No matter which Maytag® stainless steel range hood you choose, you’re sure to benefit from the power and durability offered by Maytag. 

Stainless Steel Range Hood Ventilation

When installing a new stainless steel range hood, you’ll have to choose how to vent your hood. Vented or ducted hood types vent through an exterior wall or ceiling to the outside to help remove irritants. Non-vented hoods, also known as duct-free or recirculated, pull the air through a charcoal filter to trap unwanted grease and odors and push the air back into your kitchen. With non-vented hoods, it’s important to change filters at least twice a year or more frequently to maintain optimal performance depending on your cooking habits. Some hoods are convertible and can vent externally or through recirculation. While deciding how you’ll duct your hood, you’ll also need to be aware of the total BTUs of the cooktop below, as well as considering the amount and type of cooking you’ll be doing. Find more information on BTU ratings and why they matter in your kitchen. 

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Range Hood

You should clean your stainless steel range hood frequently to ensure that it looks and works great. Non-vented, or recirculated hoods, use charcoal filters that typically last up to six months before they should be replaced. Some vented hoods use metal filters that can be washed in the dishwasher or by using a hot detergent solution. When cleaning stainless steel, be sure to use cleaning spray meant for stainless steel, like affresh® Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray, or warm water mixed with a drop of dish soap.