Clean Clothes Keep Smelling Clean

Leave clean clothes inside the washer for up to 12 hours with the Maytag® Fresh Hold® option

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  • select
    delay hrs
  • fresh
  • steam
    for stains
  • extra
  • cycle
  • control
    lockhold 3 sec.
  • 12 Seconds

    Of Tumbling
  • Every
  • 15 Minutes

  • Up To
  • 12 Hours

    After Wash Cycle Ends

How The Maytag® Fresh hold® Option Works

Forgot clothes in the washer? No worries! See the power of the Fresh Hold® option in our energy-efficient washing machines. As clothes tumble intermittently, a specially designed washer fan circulates fresh air inside to help keep clothes smelling fresh.

See how Maytag uses intermittent tumbling and air circulation to keep clean clothes fresh in the washer.

  • Air Circulation
  • Intermittent Tumbling
  • Ventilation System
  • Lasts up to 12 hours

Air Circulation

Air stays fresh and so will your clothes as a built-in washer fan circulates clean air so even forgotten laundry comes out smelling great.

Intermittent Tumbling

Clean clothes will tumble for 12 seconds every 15 minutes to help provide optimal airflow.

Ventilation System

Air and moisture are filtered out through the ventilation system, allowing fresh air to circulate inside.

Lasts up to 12 hours

Whether you’re working, sleeping or just forgot, keep clothes fresh in the washer until you’re ready to get them out.

Shop The Maytag® Fresh Hold® Option

Packed with powerful features, commercial grade parts and a 10-year limited parts warranty1 — it's no wonder these efficient Maytag® washing machines are rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine.2

  • 1 Visit for warranty details.
  • 2 By a leading consumer magazine. Models MHW8200F and MHW5500F; based on rating of tested model MHW8200F.
  • 3 Models with the PowerWash® system: MHW8200F, MHW5500F, MHW3500F, MHW3505F. Based on 20-lb load, among leading front load brands, PowerWash® cycle vs. comparable cycles and default settings.
  • 4 Based on an 8-lb load.