Learn about counter depth refrigerator dimensions.


How to choose the right counter-depth fridge dimensions

You may already know what counter-depth refrigerators are and their benefits, but how do you find the right measurements for your kitchen?

Most kitchen counters are about 24–25 inches in depth, so when you’re looking for a counter-depth fridge you will need a model with similar dimensions. However, when you factor in backsplashes, handles, knobs and other hardware, there is a surprising amount of variation in that “standard” countertop-depth measurement. Your counter-depth refrigerator will probably extend an inch or two beyond the front of the counter.


The difference between standard depth and counter depth fridge dimensions.


Understand counter depth refrigerator dimensions to choose the perfect appliance for your kitchen.

Setting the Standard For Fridge Depth

Most counter-depth fridge dimensions top out with a depth of around 30 inches. By contrast, traditional refrigerators can be as deep as 36 inches.

To make up for the shallower depth measurement, standard counter-depth fridge dimensions tend to be wider (around 36 inches). Sometimes counter-depth models are slightly taller, too, though this is less noticeable. While these may be standard measurements, it’s still important to find the exact fit for your home.

Measure Your Space

If you’re looking to add a standard counter-depth refrigerator to your new kitchen, you’ll need to pay close attention to not only the depth, but also the width of your planned cabinet cutout. Alternatively you could place your refrigerator at the end of a row of cabinets, so if it’s a little wider it won’t cause issues fitting in.

If you’re replacing a normal full-size refrigerator with a new counter-depth model, make sure your existing cabinet cutout can accommodate the extra width often present in counter-depth fridge dimensions. You might be a bit more space constrained — unless you’re ready to radically remodel your kitchen’s layout.

So keep your cabinet cutout dimensions top of mind when you’re shopping, whether it’s in store or online. A few minutes with the tape measure can spare you a lot of headaches later on.


Standard countertop depth refrigerators from Maytag.



With a depth under 30 inches, the French Door Counter-Depth refrigerator has a 36-inch width and a standard height of 69 inches.



With a 69-inch height, 36-inch width and depth just under 30 inches, this model provides counter-depth styling in the side-by-side refrigerator/freezer format.



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