Get a better sense of fridge dimensions from Maytag to find what fits your space.

The Ultimate Fridge Size Guide

Refrigerator sizes aren’t “one size fits all”

Wondering what refrigerator dimensions best fit in your space? When considering refrigerator measurements, it’s good to note that models vary in size based on the style and capacity you choose. From traditional top-freezer to modern french door styling and everything in between, you have choices and those choices come in different sizes. But don’t break a sweat. Follow this fridge size guide to help you figure out the right refrigerator dimensions for your space.


Refrigerator dimensions infographic from Maytag.


Finding Your Refrigerator Sizes

Once you’ve taken measurements of your space, reference the specs of the models you are interested in online or ask a sales associate in store. That way, you can determine if those refrigerator dimensions will be a good fit. The fridge sizes guide above represents a Maytag® 4-door french door refrigerator — but can be used as a good starting point for learning how to measure for any refrigerator style. Browse refrigerator styles from Maytag or find the best refrigerator for you.

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