More time at home means more groceries and more time spent digging in the fridge. There’s no official “large capacity” refrigerator classification, but you can consider that a larger capacity would be anywhere from 25 to 30 cubic feet of interior space and is often found in side-by-side and french door refrigerators. Investing in extra refrigerator space can seriously boost functionality in the kitchen, so use this guide to get familiar with your options and the benefits of large capacity refrigerators.


Which style of extra large refrigerator is right for your kitchen?

If size and space are what you’re looking for, some refrigerator styles are more likely to deliver in the capacity category. French door and side-by-side refrigerators tend to offer the largest capacities. Built-in refrigerators sometimes come in extra-large widths and capacities to work in a more custom kitchen. Larger capacities usually also come with wider widths. French door models are often 36 inches wide, offering a generous amount of cubic feet inside.

French door refrigerator in a bright, white kitchen

French Door Refrigerators: Larger Capacities

The french door style refrigerator tends to offer large capacity options, as well as specialized storage compartments. Compared to side-by-side refrigerators, they’re good for storing wide items like pizza boxes and platters. Freezer storage is often separated into tiers to make finding and grabbing what you need easier. Some brands also carry four- and five-door models with exterior drawers. Browse Maytag® french door refrigerators to find a model that works best for you, including large capacities of up to 27 cubic feet, and learn how to organize your french door refrigerator.

Stainless side-by-side refrigerator in a white kitchen

Side-by-Side Refrigerators: More Freezer Space

If you like to stock up on lots of frozen food, a side-by-side refrigerator might be the right choice, since they offer a little more freezer capacity than french door models. Look for specialized storage in the refrigerator door like can caddies and gallon door bins. Side-by-side refrigerators also often feature an icemaker that’s built directly into the freezer door, freeing up even more space inside. If a side-by-side large capacity refrigerator sounds like what you’ve been looking for, browse Maytag® side-by-side refrigerators to explore a range of features including exterior ice and water dispensers and up to 25 cubic feet of capacity. Learn how to organize a side-by-side refrigerator.

French door refrigerator in a bright, white kitchen

Counter-Depth Refrigerators: Good Capacity for Narrow Spaces

For a streamlined look, counter-depth refrigerators take a few inches off the depth to make the fridge flush with countertops. While counter-depth refrigerators make up for lost depth with wider widths, they usually offer a little less capacity than standard models. They’re a good choice if you’re looking for a fridge with a smaller footprint that still has ample storage space. Browse both French door and side-by-side Maytag® counter-depth refrigerators to find the right configuration for your kitchen.

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