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Guide To Oven Parts

There are a variety of oven parts that work together to offer dependable performance and fast results for every meal. Learn about the parts that power your oven and explore replacement oven parts from Maytag brand with this guide.

A diagram depicting the parts of an oven. A diagram depicting the parts of an oven.

Oven Parts List

Get familiar with the general parts that make up an oven and learn how they work. All Maytag® gaselectric ranges and wall ovens are designed for durability and built with dependable parts that help give you great results every time. Exact parts vary by model and brand.

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1. Broil Element

Your oven’s broil element is typically located at the top of your oven cavity and provides high temperatures between 500 to 550 °F. For fast results and full flavor, broiling is best for cooking thin-cut meats, like salmon, steak and chicken, or crisping vegetables and casseroles.

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2. Oven Rack

Oven racks are an essential part of any oven and give you the flexibility to adjust for baking, roasting and broiling. Positioning oven racks closer or farther from the heating elements can affect how foods cook and how you use your oven.

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3. Bake Element

Baking elements provide all-over heating and can be found in the top, bottom and sometimes back of the oven cavity. These gas and electric oven parts typically operate with moderate temperatures between 250 to 375°F and are ideal for baked goods, pasta dishes, casseroles and more. If your oven’s bake element is causing the oven to overheat, learn ways you can troubleshoot this issue.

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4. Light Bulb & Assembly

This oven part provides a convenient light inside your oven cavity to see food as it is cooking. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions for changing your oven’s light bulb and the necessary wattage or check out this guide with 5 easy steps for replacing an oven light. Some oven lights need a 40 W halogen bulb, like this gas range from Maytag brand.

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5. Hidden Bake Tray

The hidden bake tray is an oven part that is sealed under the oven floor to protect it from drips and spills, like in this Maytag® gas range.

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6. Vent Tube

Ovens release heat and moisture through the vent tube for proper circulation. These oven parts are typically located at the top of the oven cavity.

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7. Convection Fan

If you have a convection oven, a convection fan is located in the back of the oven cavity and circulates air for even temperatures and fast results, like in this Maytag® gas range with True Convection.

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8. Fan Blade

The fan blade is a part of the convection fan and helps circulate air inside a convection oven.

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9. Convection Baffle

The convection baffle encases the convection fan and is typically located in the back of the oven.

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10. Gas Oven Igniter

This gas oven part ignites the heating burner and is located in the back of the oven near the burner tubes.

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11. Warming Drawer

Though only on select models, a warming drawer may be located at the bottom of your range and helps keep your meals warm and ready to serve. Some Maytag® ranges are equipped with a Keep Warm Setting that handles this directly inside the oven.

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12. Oven Door

The oven door allows you to see inside the oven without opening it on ranges and wall ovens from Maytag. This helps prevent temperature fluctuations while baking, roasting or broiling.

Maytag® Genuine Oven Replacement Parts

If your oven isn't heating up or maintaining its temperature, it may need to be repaired. Find the Maytag® wall oven and range replacement parts you need, or visit Maytag Product Help for additional support and service to keep your oven at peak performance.

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A person removing a tray of muffins from the oven. A person removing a tray of muffins from the oven.

Cooking With a Decade of Dependability

All Maytag® wall ovens and ranges are backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty2 on the oven elements and cavity, as well as the glass cooktop or cooktop burners, oven burners and cast-iron metal grates.

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Maytag® wall ovens and ranges are designed to help you get dinner done quickly with performance features, like Power Preheat and Power™ Burners. With durable parts that can withstand serious wear and tear, Maytag has you covered every day with dependable results.

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1. Twice the life testing based on average use.
2. Visit maytag.com for warranty details.