Guide to oven parts including heating elements

Guide to Oven Parts

Learn what makes up your oven, and find Maytag® range and wall oven replacement parts.

Understanding Oven Parts

Get familiar with your oven parts and how they work.
Check your owner’s manual for model-specific information.

Oven broil element icon

1. Broil Element

Provides direct heat on top of your dish when broiling

Oven rack icon

2. Oven Rack

Can readily transition to any rack position

Oven bake element icon

3. Bake Element

Provides the main source of heat from the bottom of the oven

Oven lightbulb icon

4. Light Bulb & Assembly

A view inside an oven
Convection fan icon

5. Convection Fan

Circulates air to help even temperatures throughout the oven

Fan blade icon

6. Fan Blade

Part of the convection fan to help create airflow

Convection baffle icon

7. Convection Baffle

Encases the convection fan

Bake tray icon

8. Hidden Bake Tray

Protects the bake element from spills and drips


Maytag Owners: Find Your Oven Replacement Parts

Find the Maytag® wall oven and range replacement parts you need, or visit Maytag Product Help for additional support to keep your oven at peak performance.


Maytag 10 Year Limited Parts Warranty

Cooking with a Decade of Dependability

All Maytag® wall ovens and ranges are backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty2 on the oven elements and cavity, as well as the glass cooktop or cooktop burners, oven burners and cast-iron metal grates.



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1. Twice the life testing based on average use.

2. Visit for warranty details.




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