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How To Use An Air Frying Oven

An air fryer oven offers convenience and versatility in cooking. It allows you to recreate deep fried favorites with little to no oil like chicken, vegetables, certain baked goods and even pasta. At the touch of a button, you can turn your favorite foods into crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside delicious meals. Learn how to air fry in an oven with these simple steps to help you get started.

How to air fry in an oven

To begin, check that you have these basic supplies and tools on hand to help you make a quick and easy air fry meal. As you follow these steps, keep in mind that an air fryer oven may vary slightly by model.

  • Oil or spray oil

  • Parchment paper and/or foil

  • Mandoline slicer (optional)


  • Air fry basket 

  • Baking or sheet pan

  • Oven mitts

  • Heat-resistant tongs

  • Baking pan or silicone molds (optional)

Person putting food in the oven

Step 1: Position your oven racks and preheat

Air fry food is best placed in the center of the oven, so you may need to move your oven racks. Open your oven door and check the position of the racks. If you’ll be using a catch-tray under your air fry basket, position it on a rack below the center rack. Line a pan with parchment paper or foil to help catch excess oil or crumbs that drip from the food. Make sure to keep bakeware off the bottom of the oven, so it doesn't interrupt the airflow. Preheat your oven to the required temperature and allow it to reach that temperature before cooking.

Food cooking in the oven

Step 2: Prepare your food

Before you begin, check the food’s label and instructions for specific information about air frying. Lightly oil the foods you will be cooking. Food that already has fat, such as skin-on chicken or frozen fried food, may not need oil. A light coating on vegetables will help them crisp up and brown nicely. High heat cooking oils, like avocado, grapeseed and peanut oils work best. Add your food in a single layer to a perforated air fry basket and put it on the center rack of your oven. Spacing out your food will allow for the air to circulate around the basket and your food items.

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Person pressing air fry button on the oven

Step 3: Cook with your air fryer oven

Determine how long your food needs to cook. Less food in your air fry basket may require a shorter cooking time, but always reference the cooking label or instructions. Once the oven is warmed up, additional batches may cook more quickly, so watch your food closely to avoid burning it.

  • Follow the cooking instructions on packaged foods. 

  • Remove the air fry basket from the oven once your air fry cycle is finished to prevent it from drying out.

  • Serve air fried foods alongside your favorite dipping sauces or sides.

Person placing air fry basket in the dishwasher

Step 4: Clean up

If the air fry basket is dishwasher safe, you can toss it into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Otherwise, wash by hand per product instructions.

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How does an air frying oven work?

An air fryer oven warms the air with a heating element and circulates it rapidly throughout the oven cavity with an integrated fan. The rapidly circulating hot air crisps and browns food using little to no oil, which can make it a healthier alternative to fried foods. Learn more about how an air frying oven works with this guide.

How can I use my convection oven as an air fryer?

While both air fryers and convection ovens operate on a similar principle of circulating hot air around food items, you’ll only achieve true results with an oven that has an air fry setting. For similar results in your convection oven, use a convect roast setting.

What are some of the best things to cook in an air fryer oven?

The most common foods to cook in an air fryer oven are meat and potatoes, however, you can also air fry vegetables, certain baked goods and pasta for a crispy and quick meal. Zucchini fries, cinnamon rolls and fried ravioli appetizers will come out with a crunchy exterior and soft or juicy inside. You can make more than traditional fried foods, allowing you to create a variety of dishes.

Person removing food from air fryer basket and placing on a plate Person removing food from air fryer basket and placing on a plate

Cooking with an air fryer oven: Additional tips

  • Use a pan with low sides if you don’t have an air fry basket. A darker pan will absorb heat better.

  • Space out your items in the basket or pan to allow airflow from all sides.

  • Limit the amount of smoke that is released while cooking by using a catch-tray under your air fry basket. Parchment paper will work better than foil at absorbing excess oil.

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