We understand experiencing issues with your appliance can be frustrating. When your appliance starts to become troublesome, it’s time to ask, "Do I repair my appliance or invest in a new replacement?"


Maytag is here to help you make that decision.


Factors to Consider



Some repairs are minimal, others can be more costly depending on what requires maintenance.

  • APPLIANCE LIFESPAN How long have you had your appliance? The average useful life for appliances range from 10.6 - 11.5 years1. If you still have several years left of use, it could be more cost-effective to repair. 
  • WARRANTY DETAILS Read your appliance’s warranty to verify coverage. Maytag appliances come with a manufacturer's warranty, equipped with the Maytag 10-year Limited Parts warranty which covers replacement of certain components for 10 years. If your appliance is past its warranty, it could be better to replace. Visit for warranty details. 

  • PLANS FOR YOUR HOME Are you planning to stay in your home for several years? If updating your home isn’t a priority at the moment, repairing the issue and getting the most out of your appliance may be the way to go.



    *Tip: Try to group appliance repairs together, if you can. It may save you money on your total repair cost.



In many situations, a malfunction signals the natural end-of-life for an appliance. 

  • APPLIANCE LIFESPAN Have you had your appliance for nearly a decade? If so, your appliance might be approaching the end of its lifespan. Although there is no way to be sure how long any particular appliance will last, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers reports that the average useful life for major home appliances range from 10.6- 11.5 years, depending on appliance type1. If you’re nearing your appliance’s lifespan, it may be better to upgrade.
  • COSTS When certain components break or major issues occur, an inexpensive repair may not be possible. If a repair adds up to more than half the purchase price of a brand new appliance, it might make more sense to invest in an upgrade. Don't risk sinking more money into an aging device.

  • PLANS FOR YOUR HOME If you are thinking of selling or renovating soon, a new appliance can bring your home into the present and might even increase its resale value. Shop Maytag washersrefrigerators, and ranges among other appliances for your next upgrade. 

  • NEW FEATURES & STYLES Don't miss out on all the benefits of new appliances. Whether it’s features like the Fresh Hold® option, which keeps clothes left in the washer smelling fresh long after the cycle ends, or the modern look of Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel. The latest advancements can justify an upgrade, no matter the timing. 


When it’s time for an upgrade, we’ve got you covered. With Maytag, you’ll be treated to reliable function, features, and performance. 



New Features & Technology

New Features & Technology

From the Maytag Extra Power Button, to the Fresh Hold® option, to the PowerCold® feature, we have the features and functions to help.


Explore all Maytag brand kitchen appliance technology and washer & dryer features.

Updated Design

Updated Design

Modern appliances boast sleek and contemporary finishes like Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel; engineered to keep stainless steel looking stainless. Match your appliances to the aesthetic of your home. 

Updated Design

Energy Efficiency

As a way to reduce overall water consumption and create more effective ways to clean, lower water levels have become today’s energy standard. That’s why everything from washer design to detergent has advanced over time.


Plus, replacing appliances with newer energy-efficient models can help reduce your utility bills.



Maytag is the brand you can depend on. If you’re ready to replace or upgrade an appliance, check out all that Maytag has to offer when you shop with us.



Maytag Man Hat


An American company for over 100 years, Maytag is designed to be the hardest-working helper in the house.

10 Year Limited Parts Warranty


Maytag offers The Maytag 10-year, Limited Parts warranty that helps keep your kitchen and laundry appliances running smoothly. We cover select components on all Maytag appliances to ensure reliability and dependability for years to come. Visit for warranty details.

Delivery, Install, & Haul-Away Options

Delivery, Install, & Haul-Away Options

Maytag offers free in-home delivery on qualifying major appliance orders. Don’t worry about your old appliance — uninstall and haul away services are available for most major appliances, depending on your location. Add them during checkout, and we'll uninstall, haul away and, where possible, recycle the appliance you are replacing.
*Based on sale price of products, excluding taxes, delivery, install/uninstall, and haul away, for products delivered to a single U.S. address.


Maytag® washers elevate the look of any laundry room while making quick work of any load.

Maytag® refrigerators are built to hold the cold in many different sizes and styles.

Delectable cooking starts with dependable appliances.

1AHAM Average Life Research Full Report, Oct 2019.