Discover the full lineup of Maytag® wall ovens. Choose between single, double and combination wall ovens to find one that fits your kitchen’s needs.



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Find Maytag® Wall Ovens That Fit Your Home

Wall-mount ovens integrate seamlessly into many kitchen designs and provide more space for baking, roasting and more. Whether you’re feeding the whole family for Thanksgiving or just popping in a frozen pizza, you can trust Maytag brand’s Precision Cooking System to ensure your wall oven gets it right. Browse our wall-mount oven options or find the right fit for your kitchen and cooking needs

Types of Wall Ovens

Maytag brand offers single, double and combination wall ovens so you can find the right Maytag® wall oven for your kitchen. A single wall oven is a standard single oven cavity offered in a variety of capacities. Double wall ovens have two ovens with the same capacities, allowing you to cook even more at once. For those looking to save space, combination wall ovens feature a microwave on top and an oven on the bottom. You should also keep in mind different oven sizes as you make your decision. The standard wall oven sizes are typically 24, 27 or 30 inches wide, with depths ranging from about 22 to 24 inches. Single wall ovens are usually 27 to 29 inches high, double wall ovens usually just over 50 inches tall and combination ovens fall between 40 to 44 inches tall. 


Maytag® built-in ovens combine a modern look and feel with powerful performance for precision cooking. We offer both single and double wall ovens for your kitchen – both styles feature technology that help your meals cook quickly and evenly so you can enjoy more consistent meals.

Wall Oven Fuel Types

Wall ovens, also known as built-in ovens, come in both gas and electric fuel types with different advantages to both. Electric wall ovens offer fast preheating, even and consistent heat and are ideal for roasting and broiling due to the drier heat. The hookup is easy to install in most kitchens as it only requires an electrical outlet. Gas wall ovens offer fast cooking and preheating and can be great for baking with the added moisture gas provides. Gas wall ovens require a gas hook-up for installation, which can add an additional cost if you do not already have a gas line running to your home. 

Stainless Steel Wall Ovens

Maytag® wall ovens come in fingerprint resistant stainless steel so your kitchen can always look its best. This easy-to-clean finish keeps your built-in oven looking as good on the outside as it works on the inside.