See the inner workings of a dishwasher


Discover what’s going on inside your dishwasher, how long most dishwashers run and why it beats handwashing.

3 Elements Deliver a Powerful Clean

Dishwashers combine detergent, wash systems and heat to help your dishes come out clean. For a heavy-duty clean that adds steam, check out the PowerBlast® cycle by Maytag.


Dishwasher detergent dispenser


  • Detergent dispenses at the optimal time of the cycle but can also be added to the prewash dispenser.

  • Tablets and packs are generally more effective than powder, liquid or gel detergents.

  • Rinse aid is essential for dry dishes while reducing leftover spots and white residues. Find answers to your drying questions with this article on rinse aid.


Dishwasher during a rinse cycle


  • Multiple spray arms rotate as they blast water throughout the tub to remove food from dishes.

  • As food washes away, it’s either disintegrated with a chopper and/or trapped with a filter.

  • Water drains through the drain hose and into your pipes or garbage disposal.


High temperatures help to break down food and activate detergent


  • Water on certain cycles can reach up to 156°F. Warmer than you can reach when handwashing from a faucet, helping sanitize dishes better.

  • High water temperatures help break down food while dissolving and activating detergent.

  • Heated dry options use an electric coil to heat air and evaporate water off dishes.




MAYTAG TIP: Stick to dishwasher detergent

Stick to detergent in the dishwasher — it’s specially formulated to activate with the high heat and dynamic wash action of your dishwasher. Don’t use dish soap — it creates suds that help when handwashing but may leak out of the dishwasher.




How Long DIshwashers Run

A “quick wash” will run 30 to 60 minutes, a typical “normal” cycle runs about 90 to 120 minutes and a “heavy-duty” cycle can last up to four hours. Some options, like heated dry, add time so check your settings if you want a shorter wash. Your home and hot water heater temperatures can significantly alter run time. 



Today's dishwasher cycles are able to use low amounts of water, but cycles last slightly longer.  A new ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher uses less than half as much energy as washing dishes by hand and saves nearly 5,000 gallons of water a year.1

Dishwasher during a rinse cycle



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