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Energy Star® & Energy Efficient Appliances for Laundry Day

Energy Star® certified appliances can help conserve energy and save you money on your utility bills. Learn more about how they can help reduce energy usage on laundry day.

What is an Energy Star appliance?

What is an Energy Star® appliance?

An Energy Star® certified appliance must meet strict energy efficient criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy to conserve energy, save you money on your utility bills, and help protect the environment. Energy Star® appliances are considered among the most energy-efficient models in their appliance category without sacrificing performance. This means Energy Star® certified appliances get the job done as well as or better than non-certified appliances, all while using less energy. Energy Star certified clothes dryers use less energy to effectively dry your clothes, while washers provide efficient use of energy and water.

Energy Star

What’s the difference between Energy Star® and energy-efficient appliances?

Both appliances labeled energy-efficient and those with an Energy Star® certification claim to use less energy. The main difference is that appliances carrying an Energy Star® label have been independently certified to use less energy while also ensuring equal or better performance. The Energy Star® label provides a quick and easy way to identify appliances that meet government-regulated standards to deliver efficiency, performance, and cost savings—all without cutting quality, features, or functionality.


Regardless of whether they are Energy Star® certified or not, most major appliances in the U.S. carry an Energy Guide label that helps you compare the average energy usage and costs for different models. Learn how to read an Energy Guide label so you can compare models for yourself. Look for the Energy Star® logo on this label to help you quickly pick out models that have been certified to use less energy than standard appliances.

Do Energy Star® appliances really save money?

Lower operating costs and lower environmental impact are the main benefits of Energy Star® certified appliances. If you are thinking about purchasing a new washer or dryer or replacing older appliances with Energy Star® certified models, you will see significant energy and water savings. For example, you can expect to see the following average savings over the lifetime of Energy Star® laundry appliances:


Energy Star
certified washers

Energy Star certified washers

33% less water usage

25% less energy usage

$370 average product lifetime savings1

Energy Star
certified dryers

Energy Star certified dryers

20% less energy usage

$215 average product lifetime savings2


The EPA estimates that using Energy Star® certified appliances and products throughout your home can save around 30% on your energy bills overall and help you avoid more than 5,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year. That’s a lot of potential savings for you and an environmentally-conscious choice you can feel good about. Learn more sustainable laundry tips and practices.

Are Energy Star washers and dryers more expensive?

Are Energy Star washers and dryers more expensive?

While Energy Star® appliances typically come with a bigger price tag, you can still end up saving money in the long run. An Energy Star® certified washer or dryer may offset higher initial costs by helping to lower energy bills year after year. By immediately increasing the efficiency of water and energy use, an Energy Star® certified washer or dryer can make a difference in your home right away—with the benefits continuing to add up with each load of laundry.


Should you upgrade to an Energy Star® certified washer?

Advancements in technology make modern appliances more energy efficient than older models. If your washer is more than 10 years old, upgrading to an Energy Star® certified model can immediately affect your electricity and water usage, resulting in savings you’ll notice right away. A full-sized, Energy Star certified washer can reduce water usage by around 6 gallons per load. With the average American family washing 300 loads per year, that can result in a savings of more than 2,000 gallons of water every year.1 These advances also mean that a wide variety of washing machine styles are now Energy Star® certified, giving you plenty of options to choose from. You can find top load, front load, and even large capacity options that use both water and energy more efficiently while still providing you with a powerful clean—and lower utility bills.

Is an Energy Star® dryer worth buying?

To maximize energy-efficiency and savings on laundry day, pair your new washing machine with an Energy Star® certified clothes dryer. Energy Star washing machines remove significantly more water from clothes during final spin cycles than conventional models.2 This makes it easier for an energy-efficient dryer to dry your clothes using less heat. Combine this with other energy-saving technologies in Energy Star dryers, and you will see major savings without sacrificing power or the features you love. When shopping for a new clothes dryer, look for a model with a moisture sensor that automatically shuts off the machine when your clothes are dry. You’ll save energy and reduce the wear and tear on your clothes from over-drying.


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