Internal view of a Maytag® washing machine that's washing clothes.

Washing With Low Water Levels

Washers today may not use the same amount of water as before, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking cleaning power. Dive into how washing machines are using low water levels for a deep clean and optimal results.

How Less Water Gets the Job Done

As a way to reduce overall water consumption and create more effective ways to clean, lower water levels have become today’s energy standard. That’s why everything from washer design to detergent has advanced over time.

Maytag® washing machine water level controls.

Washing Machine Water Level Sensor

Thanks to auto sensing technology, most washing machines know the right water level to use. As the cycle starts, sensors determine your load size and add the right amount of water to best clean your clothes.

Internal view of a Maytag® washer filling with water.

Water for Wash Action: Less is More

Front load and impeller washers rely on the friction of clothes rubbing against each other. Less water separating clothes means more friction between fabrics, creating optimal wash action.

Less water also means concentrated cleaning. Rather than diluting detergent as done in traditional-style deep fill washers, low water levels help target hard to clean soils and stains.

Pouring laundry detergent into a Maytag® detergent dispenser.

Detergent Designed for Low Water Levels

HE detergent was designed for today’s washing machine water use. It uses a different formula that relies on low water levels to be most effective.





MAYTAG TIP: Detergent Uses

Use HE detergent to work with your low water levels. Follow the recommended usage for your load to see optimal results. Non-HE detergent generates more suds than needed, and too much detergent can leave behind residue. 

Learn More About HE Detergent



Water Level Control at Your Fingertips


Selecting Cycles

Some cycles will use more water than others. For example, Bulky cycles often use more than Normal cycles.


Selecting Settings

If you want to add extra water, some washers offer settings that let you increase the water level when you want it, like the Maytag® Deep Fill option. You also have the option to add an extra rinse if your washing machine’s water level still seems too low.





MAYTAG TIP: Check the Water Temperature

Your water level may not be the only thing affecting cleaning results, temperature is also a consideration. Different stains and different fabrics require either hot water or cold water.  






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