Discover the differences between front load versus top load washers

Front Load vs. Top Load Washers

Which One’s Right for You?

Dive into this side-by-side comparison on the differences of front load vs. top load to help you decide.



top load washer

front load washer

Design Load/unload from the top with the controls on top, towards the back. You can find this on two types of top load washers: impeller and agitator. Doors swing open from the front with controls in the front. Front load washer/dryer pairs are also often available in a stacking configuration, great for small spaces.

Impeller models have larger capacities compared to those with agitators. If you prefer an agitator design, there are many models that give you the space you need. See the largest capacity agitator washer available at 6.0 cu. ft.1 from Maytag.

Like impeller models, front load washers may provide greater capacity since there is no agitator in the middle.
Water Levels

Many top load washers use lower water levels to meet today’s efficiency standards. However, there are models that let you add more water to select cycles — like the Deep Fill option from Maytag.

Models that use HE detergent use lower water levels and concentrated cleaning so you probably don’t need to use as much detergent as you might be used to.
Comfort May be harder to reach the bottom of the wash basket depending on your height or the height of the washer.

May require a bit of bending or reaching. A simple solution: laundry pedestals.

Pedestals add extra height to bring your appliances to a convenient level, and some offer extra storage space so you can tuck away things like detergent and fabric softener.


Front load washers have led the way in high-efficiency cleaning. Similar to top load impeller washers, they use specialized wash actions that help fabrics rub against each other to work out stains. Though using less water means longer wash times, the fast spinning drum helps extract water. So good news — shorter dry times.


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How Top Load Brings Design Options vs. Front load

If you choose top load over front load, you’ll also need to choose which of the designs below is best for you.


Agitator Washers

These models clean clothes by moving them against the agitator — the central post in the wash basket — and some give you the option to add more water on select cycles. Get the benefits of this traditional design with the largest capacity agitator washer available at 6.0 cu. ft.1


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Impeller Washers

These models use a specialized disc that creates friction between clothes for dirt and stain fighting. This type of wash action requires less water, which also helps meet today’s energy standards.


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1) Among leading brands. Model MVWB965H.