How to remove and clean a dishwasher filter.

How to Remove, Clean and Replace Dishwasher Filters


Help keep your dishwasher performing at its peak by cleaning your dishwasher filter periodically. You may need to clean your dishwasher filter when:

  • Soil or other objects can be seen on the Upper Filter Assembly.
  • Cleaning performance has dropped significantly (food remains on dishes after a cycle).
  • You can feel grit and grime on your dishes after they are cleaned.

To access the dishwasher filter, remove your lower dish rack to expose the bottom of your dishwasher. You can find the filter in a back corner of the tub bottom, or around the base of the bottom spray arm.

Some dishwashers have a triple filter system with two parts: an upper filter assembly and a lower filter.

  • The upper filter assembly keeps oversized items and foreign objects, along with very fine food particles, out of the pump.
  • The lower filter keeps food from being recirculated onto your dishes.

Removing, cleaning and replacing your dishwasher filter is easy. Check out the chart below for some recommendations on how often you should do it.



Locate your dishwasher filter cover and pop it off.


Number of Loads Per Week

If you wash before loading

If you scrape and rinse before loading

If you only scrape before loading1

If you do not scrape or rinse before loading

Once per year
Once per year
Twice per year
Every two months
Once per year
Once per year
Twice per year
Once per month
Once per year
Twice per year
Every three months
Every two weeks
Once per year
Twice per year
Every three months
Once per week


How to Remove the Dishwasher Filter
  1. Give the upper filter a quarter turn counterclockwise and take it out.
  2. Grab the lower filter, lifting it slightly, then pulling it forward to take it out as well.



How to remove your dishwasher filter.
How to clean your dishwasher filter.


How to Clean the Dishwasher Filter

Running the faucet over your filter will remove most soils. Calcium deposits or other stuck-on bits might require a soft brush to get clean.

Maytag Tip

Do not use a wire brush, scouring pad, etc., as they may damage the filters.




Dishwasher Filter Replacement Tips

Damaged or worn filters should be replaced. Check out the Maytag replacement parts site to find the part you need.

Once you have your new filter, follow these steps to reinstall it in the dishwasher. You can use these same steps as your guide for replacing your current filter after routine cleaning.

  1. Referring to the previous diagrams, return your lower filter to the bottom of the dishwasher tub, locating it properly under the tabs, so that the upper filter will line up with the round opening in the tub bottom.
  2. Place the upper filter into the opening in the top of the lower filter.
  3. Turn the filter clockwise. You should feel it drop into position. If your filter still turns freely, it’s not seated properly, so keep turning it clockwise until it locks into place.

For specific information and maintenance instructions for your particular dishwasher model, consult your product manual.

Maytag Tip
  • Avoid damaging your dishwasher by ensuring that both the lower and upper filter assemblies are returned to the locked position before running. 
  • The arrows on your upper and lower filters don’t have to align perfectly — a filter that won't turn clockwise is locked and ready to run.
Dishwasher filter replacement tips.
Locate your dishwasher filter cover and pop it off.

Ready To Upgrade?

Current Maytag® models feature a four-blade stainless steel chopper, so there's no filter to clean by hand. Consider upgrading  to a dependable Maytag® dishwasher with a powerful chopper. Browse the full Maytag® dishwasher line up for more information.

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1. Manufacturer’s recommendation: This practice will conserve the water and energy that you would have used to prepare your dishes. This will also save you time and effort.