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How to Locate a Washer Filter

Understanding what a washer filter is and where it is located in your washing machine can help you handle laundry day like a pro. Use the following guide to learn more about washer filters and how to locate them.

Maytag® front load washer and dryer set on laundry pedestals Maytag® front load washer and dryer set on laundry pedestals

What is a washer filter?

A washer filter, also known as a drain pump filter, is an integral component of the washing machine draining system. The washer filter is responsible for protecting the drain pump from lint buildup and other obstructions so that your washer can drain properly after each wash cycle.

Woman removing a Maytag® agitator from a top load washer Woman removing a Maytag® agitator from a top load washer

Top load washer filter location

Most top load washers made after 2001 do not have washer filters in their drainage system. Instead, newer models utilize a more powerful drain pump and larger drain holes. If you have a model made before 2001, you can find the washer filters at the bottom of the washer drum underneath the agitator.

If you’re unsure of the year your machine was made, consult your owner’s manual for more details on the appliance’s drainage system.

Select Maytag® top load washers offer the Pet Pro Filter and Pet Pro Option designed lift and capture 5x more pet hair from clothes than standard washers1. You can simply twist and lift this built-in filter from the agitator, then easily remove trapped pet hair.

Diagram of washer filter location Diagram of washer filter location

Front load washer filter location

Although the location of a washer's drain filter can vary depending on the make and model, front load washer filters are often located near the drain pump at the bottom of the appliance. Keep in mind that not all drain pump filters on front load washers are accessible.

For model specific information about your washer filter, consult your product manual.

Maytag® top load washer and dryer Maytag® top load washer and dryer

Do I need to clean my washing machine filter?

To help keep your washing machine performing like it should, proper washer cleaning and maintenance is recommended. Whether you need to clean your washing machine filter will depend on the model. Keep in mind that many new models no longer require this filter. Learn more about how to clean a washing machine.

Always consult your washing machine’s use and care guide for model specific cleaning instructions and frequency.

How often should I clean a washer filter?

Your washer filter cleaning schedule will vary depending on the manufacturer instructions. In most cases, it is recommended that filters be cleaned at least once a month, if equipped with a filter. 

Those in larger households or who regularly launder heavily soiled items may need to clean their filter more frequently.

How to clean a washing machine filter?

To clean the filter, first use a shallow container to collect any water from the inlet hose that’s connected to the drain pump. Then remove the filter following the instructions in your product manual. Remove large clumps of lint by hand, then clean the filter with warm water. 

Once the filter has been cleaned, you can reinsert it into the drain pump and close the dispenser drawer.

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Always prep your laundry by emptying pockets of any loose items and closing all buttons and zippers before starting a wash cycle as this can help reduce the risk of items clogging your drain pump filter.

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1. Comparing Normal cycle with Pet Pro Filter and option to cycle using traditional agitator without Pet Pro Filter and option. Results will vary based on fabric and type of pet hair.