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Cooktop Sizes & Dimensions Guide

Cooktops come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different kitchen layouts and cooking needs. Whether you're replacing an existing cooktop or building a new kitchen, understanding the available sizes and dimensions is key to choosing the right one for your space. Use this guide to better understand what size cooktop is best suited for your needs.

Aerial view of two different sized gas cooktops Aerial view of two different sized gas cooktops

What is the standard size of a cooktop?

The standard size of a cooktop is usually between 30" or 36", although there are other sizes available such as 15" - 24", 45" and 48". It's important to consider the number and size of burners, amount of trim and countertop space when selecting your size.

Maytag brand offers 4-burner and 5-burner cooktop options that provide enough space for you to simmer, warm and boil all at once.

Steaks and vegetables cooking in a cast iron grill pan on a Maytag® electric cooktop Steaks and vegetables cooking in a cast iron grill pan on a Maytag® electric cooktop

How much space does a cooktop need?

Your cooktop needs to fit inside the existing cabinet cutout for proper installation. It's important to note that cooktop dimensions are typically bigger than the appliance cutout to properly align with your counters. 

For example, the standard size of a 30" cooktop requires a minimum cutout width of 29-1/2" and a length of 20".

How much counter space do I need next to a cooktop?

It's recommended to have a minimum of 8" counter space on either side of the cooktop for ease of use and food preparation. If you're installing an island cooktop, you’ll need at least 30” of counter space around the cooking surface to provide adequate room to work with pots, pans and ingredients.

Additionally, if you're installing a range hood, it should be placed at least 24" away from the cooktop.

How far does a cooktop have to be from a wall?

When installing a new cooktop, it is important to leave at least 3" of clearance between the back of the cooktop and any walls to allow for proper ventilation and heat dissipation. Some models require up to 10" of space, so consult your product manual for model specific clearance measurements.

Aerial view of two different sized gas cooktops Aerial view of two different sized gas cooktops

What is the difference between cooktop sizes and cooktop cutout measurements?

The cooktop size refers to the actual measurement of the appliance, while the cutout measurement is the minimum required space you need to be able to install the cooktop into your counter. The difference between these two measurements is typically 1/2" or less and should be taken into consideration when selecting a new cooktop for your kitchen. 

Following these measurements and guidelines can help ensure that you select the right cooktop for your kitchen. With the proper size, installation and ventilation, you can enjoy cooking with your new cooktop for a long time.

Maytag® electric cooktop with grill pan Maytag® electric cooktop with grill pan

How do I know what size cooktop I need?

Though 30" cooktops are considered standard, the best way to determine the ideal size for your cooktop is to measure the existing countertop cutout and compare it with the available sizes. If you're planning a remodel, consider how you plan to use your cooktop to help you choose the right stovetop.

If you have a large family or entertain guests frequently, you may benefit from a larger cooktop with four or five burners. It is also important to consider where you plan to install your new cooktop, as the necessary clearances differ when installing a cooktop in a countertop or on a kitchen island.

Vegetables and tortillas cooking on a Maytag® griddle Vegetables and tortillas cooking on a Maytag® griddle

Tips for choosing the right cooktop size

There are several other factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new cooktop. Discover tips for choosing the right size stovetop for your kitchen below.

  • Fuel type: The type of fuel your cooktop uses may affect the dimensions. For example, gas cooktops require a larger cutout than electric ones to accommodate for venting requirements and range hoods.

  • Number of burners: The number of burners you require may determine the size. A 4-burner cooktop is typically 30” in width while some 5-burner cooktops can be up to 48” wide. 

  • Features: Consider what features are important to you when shopping for a new cooktop. If flexibility is a priority, look for models with cooking options like the Reversible Grill and Griddle from Maytag brand. If you value power and control in your cooking or have a large, open kitchen, look for a gas cooktop with high BTUs.

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