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What are the Parts of a Stove?

The common parts of a stove include a control panel, knobs, oven, oven door, oven racks, drip pan, warming drawers and cooktop elements that make dinnertime a breeze. You’ll usually find coiled burners covered with a smooth ceramic-glass surface on electric ranges, while gas ranges feature gas burners topped with cast-iron grates. 

Your stove is an essential appliance in your kitchen and understanding the names of its parts and their functions can help you produce the best cooking results.

Get familiar with the parts of gas and electric stoves to decide which provides the best performance for your cooking needs.

Maytag® electric range Maytag® electric range

Common parts of a stove

There are many parts that make up your stove but knowing its most common features can help determine whether you have the right range for your home. Maytag brand offers gas and electric ranges that are designed to deliver serious cooking power. Learn more about the parts of a stove and how they work below:

Maytag® range control panel

Control panel

Your stove’s control panel allows you to easily adjust each stove function to your liking. Depending on the design of your range, this display can be found on the front or backguard of the appliance and includes temperature controls for your stovetop, oven, broiler and warming drawer. For added convenience, panels usually include an oven light button, digital clock, control lock for safety and a kitchen timer to remind you of the chicken baking in the oven. Many Maytag® ranges even include a self-clean feature on the control panel, which helps remove tough oven messes with ease.

Maytag® range knobs

Control knobs

The knobs are an essential part of a range, allowing you to control the temperature of heating elements on your stovetop, whether gas or electric. Set your stovetop to simmer or boil with a quick push and twist of the knobs.

Maytag® electric range burners

Stovetop elements

The function and design of your stovetop elements can differ between gas or electric ranges. Gas stovetops are known for the open flame that travels through the burners covered by cast-iron grates. Electric stovetops, on the other hand, use heated metal coils or heating elements under a glass surface to cook food. Find out how to remove stove burners to get underneath. Powerful features on select Maytag® gas and electric stovetops help get dinner on the table with ease, such as the Precision Cooking™ system, which uses sensor heating to help ensure each meal is evenly cooked.

Inside Maytag® range oven with oven racks


Just like the cooktop, the oven is the part of the stove that transforms simple recipes into mouthwatering meals. It is a multi-purpose cavity that gets the job done whether you want to bake cookies or roast a chicken. Some Maytag® gas and electric ranges are even equipped to air fry and allow hot air to circulate in your oven to create crispy results at the touch of a button. Inside you’ll find an oven light so you can conveniently monitor food without opening the door. Learn how to change the oven light in a few easy steps and check out this guide on the parts of an oven.

Muffins on Maytag® electric range oven racks

Oven racks

Most ovens come with multiple oven racks – metal shelves that slide in and out of the oven. It is another key stove part that enables you to bake multiple dishes simultaneously or rearrange them to fit larger pans. Select Maytag® ranges are equipped with maximum capacity racks that provide serious support for weighty one-pot meals.

Maytag® range oven vent

Oven vent

The oven vent is a small hole in the stove that allows heat and moisture to escape, so an even distribution of heat can flow from bottom to top. It is important to keep the vent clear so that air can circulate properly and the cooking process is not affected.

Maytag® range thermostat


The stove thermostat is a device that detects and regulates the temperature inside the oven. Some thermostats work with the control panel to digitally display the temperature reading, so you can know when the oven is prepared to start baking, roasting or air frying.

Stainless steel Maytag® gas range in kitchen between countertops and white cupboards Stainless steel Maytag® gas range in kitchen between countertops and white cupboards

Electric stoves vs. gas stoves

The biggest difference between gas and electric ranges is their fuel source and how the heat is transferred. Electric stoves generate heat by electricity passing through a coil, while the level of heat produced by gas stoves is determined by how much natural gas or propane fuel is being used. 

Gas ranges have burners that respond quickly when preheating your oven and adjusting the flame on your cooktop, saving you time in the kitchen. The open flame comes in handy when you’re ready to char or grill food, and it can also reach the side of sculpted pots like woks or skillets to distribute the heat evenly. They also feature removable grates that can be easily cleaned in your sink. Make use of the Power Burners on select Maytag® gas ranges that allow for a slow and even sauté.

Most electric ranges are known for their burner coils, which are typically layered with a smooth ceramic-glass cooking surface, making the clean-up process as simple as a few swipes. Several Maytag brand models have a Dual Choice Element so you have cooking coverage for big and small pans. Some electric ranges come with removable drip bowls to catch spills. Ovens in electric stoves distribute a dry, even heat – perfect for delivering nicely browned results when broiling garlic bread or roasting veggies.

Stainless steel Maytag® gas range

What are the parts of a gas stove?

Gas stove parts include knobs, burners, burner caps, removable grates and electronic control panels that allow you to control the temperature of the oven and the level of flame on the stovetop. They are also equipped with an oven, oven racks, oven vent and warming drawers to help you bake with ease. Take a look at the durable collection of Maytag® gas ranges, designed to do the hard work.

Black Maytag® electric range

What are the parts of an electric stove?

Electric stoves have heated metal coils with drip bowls or radiant heating covered with a ceramic glass surface. Responsive knobs are featured on the control panel to control the temperature of the heating elements. Ovens, oven racks, warming drawers and a practical tap touch control panel make for an effortless cooking experience on select Maytag® gas ranges

Where can I buy parts for my stove?

From range griddles to oven light bulbs, Maytag brand has a collection of range accessories and replacement parts for convenience while cooking. If your range part needs a repair or replacement, explore these dependable service options available to help your range run optimally.

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