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Range hoods help keep the air clear and reduce grime on surfaces while you cook on the stovetop. Read the guide below to learn what range hoods are, how they work, what parts they have and what type of venting is needed.


Range hoods help clear smoke, grease and odors from the air above the cooktop. They move air through a duct to the outside of your home or—in ductless models—transfer air through various filters before returning it to the kitchen. They’re typically mounted to the ceiling or wall.


Using a range hood can help keep the kitchen air clear while you saute, fry, boil and simmer dishes on the stovetop. It’s important to find a range hood that matches the heat output of your stovetop. If you have an electric cooktop, most hoods can handle the heat output. If you have a gas cooktop, you need to ensure the total BTUs (British Thermal Units) of the burners is equal to or below the maximum heat threshold of the hood. Remember to check your local building codes to determine your kitchen venting requirements, as well.

What are the Benefits of a Range Hood?

From reducing odors to limiting grease build-up, range hoods can help keep your cooking environment clean and smelling fresh. Range hoods may also:

  • Help prevent the air from becoming stifled with heat

  • Complement a contemporary kitchen aesthetic 

  • Offer various speeds to match the output below

  • Include task lighting to increase visibility

Wall mount range hood in kitchen with stainless steel appliances Wall mount range hood in kitchen with stainless steel appliances

How Does a Range Hood Work?

Range hoods use a blower to pull smoke, moisture and grease into the hood. Then—in ducted models—air funnels through ductwork in the wall or ceiling to the outside of your home. Ductless models move air through grease and charcoal filters inside the range hood, then circulate it back into the kitchen.

Learn how to clean your range hood.

How Does a Downdraft Range Hood Work?

Downdraft range hoods pull air across the cooktop surface, rather than upward, into a ventilation system that’s installed in the cabinetry behind the cooktop. These range hoods typically rise above the cooktop surface while in use, then retract into the cabinetry to sit flush with the surface when you’re finished cooking.

Range hoods like the Maytag® 30" Retractable Downdraft System With Interior Blower Motor are installed behind the cooktop, but some ranges come equipped with an integrated downdraft hood built directly into the stovetop surface.

How Does a Convertible Range Hood Work?

You can configure convertible range hoods like the Maytag® 30" Convertible Under-Cabinet Hood to vent air through ductwork to the outside of the home or vent through a series of filters, then circulate back into the kitchen. 

Choosing whether your hood is ducted or ductless upon installation gives you the flexibility to install your range and range hood nearly anywhere in the kitchen.

What Are the Parts of a Range Hood?

Range hoods typically have five main parts: a hood canopy, duct cover, grease filter, vent system and control panel. Most hoods also have lights built in to illuminate the cooktop surface below. The hood canopy, or body of the range hood, usually houses the lights, filter and control panel while the duct cover encases the vent system.

Do You Vent a Range Hood Through the Wall or the Roof?

You can vent a range hood through the wall or the roof, but the layout of your home may be better suited to a certain kind of installation. Venting through the wall tends to be simpler, but range hoods above a kitchen island or those installed directly in front of existing electrical wiring or plumbing may require venting through the roof. Consult a professional to help you determine the best method and to complete the installation.

Maytag brand offers professional delivery and installation. Just select your delivery and installation services at checkout. You’ll be shown which services are available for your appliances and your location.

Shop Maytag® Range Hoods

Maytag® range hoods pair powerful venting with durable construction. Select models feature noise reduction technology with sound insulation to help keep the peace and quiet in the kitchen. Some models also offer perimetric venting technology that concentrates hood suction to targeted zones on the cooktop.

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